Fitbit For Kids: Parental Guide To Fitness Tracker

According to NCBI, about 30% of American children between the age of 6-8 are overweight, while the same applies to children aged 7-11 in European countries.

The end goal of using fitbit for kids is not just to get them to stay fit, but also to impact a healthy habit that sticks with them for a lifetime.

Physical activity has been shown to significantly lower the risk of becoming obese and prevent associated disease.

Fitbits, Garmin and other activity trackers are widely used by adults in tracking physical activities, these fitness trackers do not only encourage you to take more steps, some of them can equally pass as fashion accessory.

Fitbit For Kids

Fitbit being one of the leading manufacturer of fitness tracking device in the market is my main focus in this post.

I compared various activity trackers that are suitable for kid and narrowed down on some of the best trackers that will keep your child moving.

Fitbits For Kids

NameStepCalories CountingKids RatingPrice 
Fitbit Zip (Editor's Pick)YesYes9/10$Check On Amazon
Flex 2YesYes8/10$$Check On Amazon
BlazeYesYes7/10$$$Check On Amazon

What Are Fitbits?

Fitbits are mordern pedometer. That’s the simplest of term to describe them.

Unlike the old traditional pedometer that count steps alone, modern fitness monitor such as fitbit are capable of not just counting steps taken by users, but also the amount of calories used during the day, the number of hours spent sleeping and some high end mordern trackers are also capable of monitoring the heart rate.

How Does Fitbit Works?

As explained above, fitbit tracker works basically by measuring your strides or steps (to determine if you’re running, walking or climbing), through the use of modern accelerometer, this accelerometer is in 3-axis, as compared to the old fashioned accelerometer which has only 2-axis, making readings less accurate.

For measuring calories, the device would calculate the amount of energy exhausted based on your activities and other pre-supplied values, like your height, gender, age and weight.

Once the data is acquired by the device, it synchronizes with a mobile or desktop app, through the app, you can monitor your progress, analyze the data and see how you can improve your well-being.

For those trying to loose or gain weight, the data analysis is very valuable.

Some of the other benefits of the mobile and desktop app includes the ability to set a fitness goal and eventually get rewarded when you achieve your goal.

The idea behind this device is very simple; to encourage healthy lifestyle by motivating you every step of the way.

Are Fitbit Kids Friendly?

According to the terms of service posted on fitbit website, the device are not usable by kids younger than 13 years of age.

Sadly… FitBit does not produce a children friendly device. At least as at the time of writing this.

I have emailed fitbit several times to ask them why they’re neglecting such a huge market. I took to their forum to ask them why they don’t have children’s fitbit.

Their response to my inquires is simple; they claim that they are being restricted by the online privacy law.

If you’re familiar with fitbit device; you would know that it synchronizes data online through connected app. Currently; United States law does not allow children under the age of 13 to have such online account, and as a result kids below the age of 13 cannot have a Fitbit account that stores the data accumulated from the fitness tracker.;

Now that you know why fitbit isn’t available for children below the age of 13, let’s explore other possible options to get a Fitbit for kids below the age of 13.

The main reason why fitbit does not allow kids to create an online account is because they are kids, and as such their data (sleep tracking, steps, calories etc) cannot be collected and stored online due to the Online Privacy act…

But there is a way around this.

You can create an account on your kids behalf and they would be able to use the device without any issue whatsoever.

Possible Benefits Of Using A Fitness Tracker?

Fitness tracker has been around for a while now, and it would continue to be around for the next two or three decades, as a matter of fact, fitbit has been recording growth in sales since they emerged, and the previous year (2016) isn’t an exemption.

This is to show that the trend of staying fit with the aid of fitness tracker is no way near it’s end. If it’s not working, I believe the growth trend wouldn’t be that tremendous.

Few of the benefits your child would get from using a fitbit includes:

1. Motivation to get started
2. A healthy habit that would stick with them forever
3. Curiosity about their growth
4. Improved analytical skills
5. Self confidence that comes with good body shape
6. Clean health bill as a result of healthy life style

Choosing The Best Fitbit For Your Child:

Fitbits are quite expensive. However, there is a product that isn’t as expensive as others, and that is what I strongly recommend you get your child.

When they become older and they would like to change for a more expensive one, they would have understood the importance of the device and as such would do everything possible to take proper care of it.

Price: The best fitbit for the price is the fitbit zip. I decided to write a detailed review of the product in this article, since it is what I recommend for kids.

Strong/Resilient: Although all fitbits are properly designed to ensure durability. It’s important to take note that, kids where not considered when the products were designed, and as such, the company expects users to ensure the safety of their device since they’re adults.

A particular fitbit device do stand out for being “rugged” It’s the Flex 2. A bit stylish than the zip, keep in mind that it’s about double the price of the zip.

If you have the purse, then it’s a good tracker for the price.

Other device can also be used by kids once the parent create an account on their behalf and link it to the tracker, they are good to go.

The catch however is that, other fitbits aside the zip and flex 2 are kind of over-priced for kids. Knowing that they have the tendency of misplacing or breaking the device unintentionally.



Best FitBit For Kids:

NameStepCalories CountingKids RatingPrice 
Fitbit Zip (Editor's Pick)YesYes9/10$Check On Amazon
Flex 2YesYes8/10$$Check On Amazon
BlazeYesYes7/10$$$Check On Amazon
fitbit for kids

Fitbit Zip is the lowest in rank compared to all other fitbit product. It has four basic functions which are:

Steps Count: Fitbit zip is capable of recording the amount of steps taken when you wear them.

It’s fairly accurate especially for kids because it’s much more easy to calculate their step count as it is more distinct than that of adult.

So if your main aim of getting a fitbit is because you want to be able to count their steps. Then fitbit Zip is your best option both in price and functionality.

Calories: Personally, I see no reason why parents should be worried about the amount of calories consumed or burned by their children. They’re young and they shouldn’t be bothered about the amount of calories consumed or used. As long as they’re feeding fine, then there is no point tracking their calorie consumption

Except in cases when the kid has a special need (Chron disease or some other types of disease that requires you to know the amount of calories consumed per day), or if the kid is obese; such that the body mass index is higher than his/her age, then it might be necessary to keep an eye on the amount of calories burned and consumed on daily basis.

Aside from that; I would suggest that you shouldn’t bother about the calories data acquired by fitbit.

Distance: Fitbit Zip is also capable of calculating the amount of distance covered while wearing it. The distance data is also fairly accurate and it’s one of the main feature that kids would be making use of the most.

Because one of the benefits of fitness tracker for kids is to get them to move more, then it would be nice to compare the distance covered on weekly basis to see if they’re actually moving more or not.

The data would help in deciding on how to motivate them the more. If your main reason for getting a fitbit for kids is to get them to be more active; then fitbit zip is a viable option.

Clock: This comes as a perk… It basically display a digital time on it’s screen. Which means the fitness tracker can double as a digital wrist watch as well.

Fitbit Zip Cons:

I have discussed the basic features that comes with fitbit zip, and you’re probably considering getting one for your child, just before you do; let’s look at the few cons of this device.

Wrist Band: Sadly, unlike other Fitbit products, the Fitbit Zip does not have a wrist band, it is designed as a clip-on tracker. While adults might not have an issue with this design, it is not kids friendly as  it greatly increase the chances of children misplacing it or even forgetting to use in on daily basis as required.

There is a way around this; and this is the solution.

When buying your fitbit zip on amazon, you can also order for wristband bracelet which you can fix the fitbit zip into and then be able to wear the device on your wrist like a normal wearable fitness tracker.

This solves the problem of misplacement for kids. The wristband bracelet is sold for the price. All you have to do is fit the tracker inside the wrist band and it automatically because “wrist friendly”.

WoCase ZipBand Fitbit ZIP Accessory Wristband Bracelet

Floor Climbed: Fitbit Zip does not acquire data for the number of floor or stairs climbed. I don’t know why parents would be interested in tracking the stairs climbed by kids, but if it happens to be one of the features you’re interested in, then a Fitbit zip won’t be of value in that regard.

Sleep Quality: It does not track sleep quality and also it has no silent alarm. If you’re interested in tracking sleep quality, then you should consider getting Fitbit One Which has a silent alarm and sleep quality tracker.

Fitbit Zip Pros:

In addition to the features listed in the early part of this post; here are some of the other pros that should convince you into buying a fitbit for kids.

Synchronization: It basically functions as a kids fitness tracker even when you choose not to synchronize your data to any online platform. This is why Fitbit zip is the device of choice for kids below the age of 13.

You can log your data to your personal computer or you mobile device via blue-tooth. So this option provides the perfect solution for children below the age of 13 that are restricted from sharing personal data online through the enactment of the online privacy act.  All you need to keep track of your data is a computer and any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Memory: For a device that does not synchronize data to the cloud instantly, a week of data storage on the device memory itself is a huge advantage. Which means you don’t have to log your data every other day, but rather set a day to get it done, once in a week.

Display: It actively display your data on the screen. What this means is that you can keep an eye on your steps or calories as you progress through the day and actively work towards meeting your goal for the day.

Price: Many parents are concerned with the idea of buying an expensive fitness tracker for kids. Fitbit are a bit expensive of the price end, however Fitbit zip is the cheapest of the fitbit product. But the low price does not in anyway affect the quality of it’s functionality, so I consider it a good bargain for the money.

Step Difference: Just like any other fitbit device, the fitbit Zip can tell the difference between running and strolling.

In conclusion, the benefit of exercise cannot be overemphasized. Kids generally prefer to watch TV, play video games as well as surf the internet, anything that would keep them entertained indoor is just perfect for them. But this kind of lifestyle is not beneficial in the long run.

It’s been shown that kids that are more active tend to recall information more than those who are not. Exercise increase blood flow into the brain cells, which means more supply of oxygen and other vital nutrient to the brain cell resulting into their optimal functioning of the brain cells.

Encouraging kids to pick interest in fitness and healthy living is a good thing; and if you consider getting a fitness tracker for them as one of the means to encourage them, then I strongly suggest that you get them a kid friendly fitbit.

For children above the age of 13, teenagers and youth in general, they’re allowed to have an online Fitbit account which means the online privacy act does not directly affect them.

You can go ahead and get them any of the other Fitbit products, depending on your budget and the features you’re looking for in a tracking device. However, I recommend Fitbit one because it is budget friendly.

What Makes A Good Fitness Tracker?

This section will discuss the practical details of what makes up the best fitness tracker for kids and few recommendations as regards kids fitness trackers.

A larger percentage of activity trackers in the mainstream market are designed specifically for adults and as such cannot be used by kids. However, considering the benefits of fitness trackers for kids; one should try as much as possible to get a fitness tracker for their child.

In this section, I will discuss what you should look out for when buying a fitness tracker for your child; and hopefully the information provided in this post will help you in buying the best fitness tracker for your child.


best fitness tracker for kids

A typical fitness tracker made for either adult or kids is expected to have certain functionalities; such as calories count; step counts; sleep tracking; goals settings and in some cases heart rate monitoring and gaming features.

I would highlight each of these features and tell you whether it is important for your kids or not.

Calories Count: What this feature does is to measure the amount of calories burnt on daily basis or per activities. Depending in your reason for getting the fitness tracker in the first instance; calories count might not be a very important factor in choosing the best fitness tracker for kids. The reason for this is very simple; they are kids and generally, they require more calories to aid their growth process.

Counting the amount of calories they consume at such early age is of little or no use at all. Exceptional case is when you are trying to adjust your child weight because their body mass index is above the normal for their age range. Then the calories counter feature in a fitness tracker might come handy.

Although most kids’ activity tracker comes with the calories counting features; except you intend to get a pedometer, this feature is on all activity trackers now; so either you want it or not; you would get it anyway.

My point here is that; you do not have to worry about this feature when getting your kids fitness tracker because it is of little importance to them. Except you are working on their weight.

Recommendation: Pedometer + Calorie Counter Fitness Tracker Watch – The JoyBand by Life in Charge

Step Counts: What this feature does is to measure the amount of steps taking by your kids on daily basis or per activities.

This is one of the most important features that make a good fitness tracker for kids. Because you want to be sure how active they are; you want to know how many steps they’re taking per day; you want to keep an eye on their motor skills activities.

When buying a fitness tracker for your kids; make sure you’re going for a tracker with high sensitivity. Some fitness trackers don’t get accurate step counts when the arms are not swing largely; you would naturally want to stay away from such because their metrics would not provide accurate information.

Our Recommendation: Misfit Wearables Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Reef)

Sleep tracking: The sleep tracking features measure the amount of hours used in getting quality sleep. A larger percentage of adult fitness trackers does quality job in this area; most kids fitness tracker lacks silent alarm and they keep record from the hours of 7pm to 7am, hence the data are fairly exaggerated because of poor and inaccurate timing.

Some of them however are capable of acquiring accurate data. Example of which is the:

In choosing a good kid fitness tracker; it is recommended that you buy a tracker with good review as regards to the sleep tracking features.

Our Recommendation: Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Monitor NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 3

Goal Setting: You generally want to get kid fitness tracker that allows your child to set goals of each step and provides a reward for each completed goal. When a goal is achieve; they are rewarded for the completed goal. This model is very much common for kids below the age of 13 years old; they can be a very good means of motivating the child to work towards achieving their goals

Our Recommendations are: iBitz Kids Activity Tracker, Pink

Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM): This features is not necessary in a kid fitness tracker; as a matter of fact it’s advisable to go for a device without the HRM because they are cheaper and less sophisticated for children.

Recommendation: Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Black

Gaming Features: This feature has several game console that encourage kids to work towards completing their set goals. The gamin features is common is Kids fitness trackers designed specifically for kids; the likes of KidFits and LeapFrog.


Fitness Tracker For Kids

Fitness TrackerStep CountCalorie CountBattery RatingGoal Settings 
Garmin Vivofit JrYesNo8/10YesCheck Price
JubouryYesYes7/10NoCheck Price
FitBit ZipYesYes8/10YesCheck Price
Garmin VivoFitYesYes9/10YesCheck Price

Garmin Vivofit Jnr Review

Garmin Vivofit Jnr activity tracker is the foremost activity tracker designed by Garmin for kids on the move. It is waterproof and can be worn during swimming.

It comes with children friendly design with a battery life of 24 months. It as well features a free parental control app. Garmin made use of reputable features from their previous Vivofit series and customized them to suit the needs of both parents and children.

The Vivofit kid’s activity tracker matches well with the task management app that allows parents to assign chores and tasks like making the bed or washing the dish to their kids. The app also allows parents to recognize when the children have finished the task assigned to them.

The timer can be set to count down on the tracker. This can serve as a useful tool for restricting the time for watching television. It can as well be handy as a study timer.

The Vivofit Jr is designed for children between the ages of four and nine. It is a one piece band that comes in multiple colors including black, broken-lava, digi-camo, and purple-strike colors. It as well comes in colorful band patterns.

The Vivofit jnr can fit wrists of roughly 5.7 inches. Garmin is making available larger bands that can fit wrists of roughly 6.7 inches, but you can as well make use of accessory bands from the Vivofit 3.

The appearance and the feel

The Vivofit Jr activity tracker is structured and placed inside a silicon band that looks more like a bracelet than a wristband. This makes it easy for kids to put on. The stretchable nature of the wrist band also makes it easy for children to wear. It only has one button which controls all function through a collection of short and long presses.

Pressing it only once helps you to toggle through the menu
Pressing the button for a little longer time brings up the back light
Long press brings up functions such as task timers, turn off the device or put it in pairing mode.

Structures and functions

Unlike other Garmin activity tracker that normally sync to the compatible mobile devices through Garmin Connect mobile app, the Vivofit Jr comes with its own app.

Battery life

Related bands powered by coin battery necessitate charging with USB every now and then but the Vivofit Jr tracks and uploads activity for complete one year, thanks to its one CR1632 battery.

Move Bar

This feature monitors when your child has not been mobile for a while and if the child has not moved within two hours, the display turns to red. Your child needs to be active for a few minutes to reset it.

Activity Goal

It helps your kids to reach the daily sixty minutes activity goal recommended by t the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and boosts the physiological growth of the children.,

Step Counter

It features step counters which takes records of all your steps during the day like all other Vivofits.

Sleep tracking

It can track the child’s sleep routine, when it is structured into his or her sleep pattern. It come with a good number of laudable features of Vivofit 3 and effectively collects health and fitness data.

The difference between this and the adult version is in the manner with which it delivers the result. Instead of using charts and graphs, it makes use of features which are more child’s friendly.

The app is different app

Garmin Connect presupposes that the wearer is the app user; the Vivofit Jr is made differently where a child wears the wrist band while the parent has access to the app.

The Vivofit Jr app is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones that runs a minimum of Bluetooth 4.0.


Your children can view through the Vivofit Jr device and see the daily tasks assigned to them and those they have finished. The parents can then mark as finished any task they are satisfied with and can choose the number of virtual coin each task deserves. This can be exchanged with rewards later.



It comes with kids-friendly design
It is sturdy, waterproof and suitable for use in the swimming pool
It helps you to track your steps, sleep and one hour recommended daily activities
It comes with compatible mobile apps for parents
It features adjustable reward apps and chores
It comes with auto sync feature and audible alert system
It features task timers of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty minutes with stop watch capability.
It features variable wristbands which are simple to wear
The battery life last for up to 24 months and can be replaced
It leads your kids through educational exploration and expedition allowing them to gain knowledge in a fun-filled way
The Vivofit Jr tracks the child’s activity level and sync it to that of the parent’s app.
It allows parents to sync up to 2 kids
Parents are only allowed to adjust task and rewards


It is a bit costly
It hasn’t got a supplementary wrist band
It comes in only three color forms.
It is a bit difficult to set but it can be fun when you do it together with your child.

Garmin vivofit JR. – Digi Camo

LeapFrog Leapband activity Tracker’s Review

Leapfrog’s LeapBand is an essential pet gaming device combined with a fitness tracker that gives kids motivation to move about with the use of its activity challenges and rewards. As they get more active, they are able to have access to additional new features.

The construction and setup

  • The LeapBand looks like a wrist watch with a simple interface.
  • It comes with four buttons and a front-facing speaker.
  • The dimension is 2.5 x 1.8 x 2 inch or (6.4 x 4.4 x 5.1 cm)
  • It’s roughly stocked up but comes with a very colorful design.
  • The LeapBand is lightweight and weighs (7 oz/200 g). It can thus be worn without any form of discomfort.
  • It comes with a flexible and durable strap and a bright 1.4-inch screen with exciting colors and good image quality. However it lacks the touch screen feature.
  • It can be tethered with the PC and therefore needs no battery replacement. You can readily charge the tracker’s built-in battery through your computer with the use of a USB cable, or with a USB wall charger. With a standard usage, the LeapBand lasts for roughly 3 days as soon as it is charged.

Experience and controls

When you start the LeapBand by pressing down on the activity challenges button, it takes you straight into the Player mode where kids can play games with a customizable pet. It comes with an onscreen energy bar that alters the color to show the kid’s activity level, and this is tracked by the accelerometer of the Leapband.

It is a smart feature that allows children to see straight away how they are progressing. This can elicit competition among kids while they struggle to compete with each other to acquire an elevated bar.

While the LeapBand can track movements such as jumping, dancing and walking, the progress made by the child is only shown on the energy bar. It doesn’t show for instance the number of steps the children took during the day.  Children who are familiar with the operation of Fitbit may find it unsatisfactory.

The workout exercise is provided by this activity tracker only when the activity tracker is pressed. When that is done it would usually ask the kid to do things such as crawl like a turtle or hop in a straight line to receive joules and release new pets. Nevertheless, children may possibly get bored with the games when they have tried all the games available and may be unwilling to press the button any more.

The Leapband also allows children to earn joules by sitting at a place and play pet-dependent video games and this could make the children end up using it only for the purpose of gaming. If the rewards attached to winning in these games includes things like moving about, it would be better.

It doesn’t have an interactive touch screen and volume controls, which is a bit of flop.

Parents may allow their kids to play with the Leapband at wake-up times as a tool to get them voluntarily out of bed. It can be set to serve as just wrist watch at bedtime. The good thing about it is that it as well comes with four cool-down challenges.

LeapFrog Leapband activity tracker modes

The Leapfrog Leapband activity tracker is made up of three modes:

The Move Mode 

The move mode is the equipment’s default state which makes use of the accelerator of the tracker’s to track motion. The sound in the system doesn’t function when the tracker is in the move mode. Also, the screen doesn’t function during the move mode and this helps to save the life of the battery.

Player Mode

The Player Mode provides access to all the games and challenges. If the player mode is left unused after sometimes, it changes back to the Move Mode.

Quiet Time Mode

The quiet time mode gets rid of the audio, animation and game play. While the activity tracker is in this mode, the only thing that shows is the button if it is pressed.

The LeapBand syncs with the site where the Leapfrog’s Connect is downloaded and is charged through the supplied USB cable. Parents can set almost thirty-six additional challenges in LeapFrog Connect in order to allow their kids to hear the fun activity prompts such as “march like an elephant” and “wiggle like a bug”.


The LeapBand is made up of a colourful fit-band with a colour screen as opposed to what is obtained in the adult tracker. It is also available in multiple colors which include Green, Blue, Orange and Pink.

The Leapfrog LeapBand is a wristband activity tracker for children who want to maintain a healthy weight and look fitter while at the same time offering them the opportunity to have a lot of fun. It is equivalent to the gym meets the circus.

LeapFrog LeapBand, Green

Juboury kids activity tracker

Juboury Bluetooth Activity Fitness Tracker is a 15 stylish bracelet and wearable smart wristbands with pedometer sleep tracker for IOS Android Phones. It is black colored and tracks your steps, your calorie intake, the distance you cover and displays time and quality of sleep in a clear manner.

It syncs data through Bluetooth with iOS and Android smart phones. It is not compatible with operating system that is below IOS 7.0 for iOS Android 4.3 for android devices. It only works with phone which its Bluetooth is up to 4.1. It features a silent alarm which wakes you up through vibration without causing any disturbance to others.

It alerts you when you need to drink, exercise, or sleep and so on. The standby time is seven days of continuous working. The equipment arrives with a standard USB port particularly designed to charge by connecting through your PC and mobile driver. It syncs sport data with apple and android device. You can decide to play it from the app store or from the play store. You need to download APK: “Zeroner” and install it.

Features of Juboury kids activity tracker

The product comes in black Color.

Hardware Features: 

The hardware features of Juboury kid’s activity tracker activity tracker include the following:

  • Material: It is made up of host material ABS and TPU strap material 
  • Battery: It comes with lithium polymer battery 
  • Charging: It has USB charging feature.
  • Display: the juboury activity tracker’s display is made up of OLED screen 
  • Standby time: It consists of standby time of over 72 hours 
  • USB plug times: The USB plug time is over one thousand times 
  • Key life: The life span of the key lasts for over ten thousand uses.
  • Strap buckle: The strap buckle can be used for over two thousand times.

    Key functions and benefits of Juboury kids’ activity tracker 
  • It serves as a pedometer, fitness tracker, message prompt and a phone call Reminder. 
  • It monitors your activities by recording the number of steps you take, the distance you cover and the amount of calorie you consumed. It thus, provides real time monitoring of your activity index in relation to your height, weight and other parameters and precisely calculates the amount of calories you burn. 
  • It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 low-power wireless data syncing feature. 
  • It can be synced with your PC and USB side data. This implies that it comes with an automatic typical USB that can be straightforwardly charged with computers and mobile phones power.
  • IP65 protection grade: It is waterproof under the rain but you ought to take it off in the shower and when you are swimming.



  • It comes with great features that provide much more value than the price. The features are even much more than those contained in the Garmin VivoFit activity tracker. It comes with alarm feature for example and the display is great.
  • The fit is very nice.
  • It comes with great iPhone app. Although, it doesn’t provide any magnificent feature but it is great that it is not one of those useless items out there.
  • The battery works fine with consistent daily usage.
  • It works great at providing the alert for phone call or text. Nevertheless,


  • It is not waterproof like the Garmin fitness tracker.
  • The plastic over the screen is easily dented.
  • The English translation of the manual is not great and frequently difficult to understand.
  • It is useful although not nice-looking.
  • The pedometer is not very accurate.
  • It drains the battery of the mobile phone that is synced with it fast.

Over all, the juboury kids activity tracker it is a great device. In addition to the wonderful features mentioned, it can as well serve as a wrist watch.

Thus, if eventually the step counting feature wears off, it can serve as a great wrist watch for time keeping. It looks cool and comes with numerous features. It is delivered fully packed and faster than you’d expect. It sends you phone calls or text messages alerts. The alarms go off in real time.

The sleep mentoring feature is a great tool. The battery life span is great too. It can last for roughly one week after charging. The battery takes roughly 30 minutes to charge the back up.


Juboury kids activity tracker

iBitz Kids Activity Tracker’s Review

The iBitz kid’s activity tracker comes with two booklets and a spare battery. Despite the fact that a CR2032 battery doesn’t cost more than a dollar, inclusion of the spare battery in the pack is great. The fitness tracker cannot be recharged once the battery life is expired.

The sticker is positioned on the back-side (clip) of the pedometer. You should never remove the sticker since it is made up of series of characters you require during setup.

Installation and set up

The device is easy to set up. All it requires you to do is to set up a username and password for the child-user, in addition to an “adult account”. The adult account is setup for management purposes.  

You would require a credit card to verify that you are an adult. Choose an easy to remember password for your kid so that opening it subsequently would be easier.

Using the iBitz app

Children can previously play virtual game on the app but it was updated and kids can no longer play the games directly on the app but directly on the website of the producer.

However, parents can still create customized rewards like thirty minutes of Television time, food, or anything the parent wants including integrating Club Penguin integration with the app.

The most significant reward in the device is providing the child with a more play time in the ipad if he or she is active enough. You can as well link to physical items from Amazon if you want to offer your child tangible rewards.

Web dashboard

The interface look much more like a cartoon TV show which even though it is fun, makes data to become chocked up and overly fun-filled with other forms of animation.

The dashboard has some good features like the certificates you can print out that can boost the child’s zeal to get more active, and the fundraising concept is great.

On the whole, the iBitz iOS app is a simple and basic app that is visually attractive. The interface is well suited for little fingers, even though, the buttons and interface are not as intuitive as it ought to be. The removal of the visual pet game from the app is a minus point iBitz fitness tracker.

The present “rewards” program may not interest kids for a longer period but the inclusion of the option to make additional customized rewards is great. A new reward system needs to be incorporated into the app to make it more engaging and interesting for kids over a long period of time. It would be great if the producers could incorporate more web app into the device.

Parents direct the Fun

The iBitz account ought to be set up by the parent and a credit card is essential to fulfill the required COPPA child online privacy standards.

After setting up the account, the parent would then set the goals and rewards for the child. The goal can reach up to 5000 steps or less.  To reward the child for the task, the parent can either offer the child a Disney Club Penguin digital currency or choose any preferable reward.

The unity app allows for Family Fitness Tracking

To observe the complete data of the child’s activity, parents must as well set up the iBitz Unity app. This unity app can be paired with several iBitz pedometers, both for children and adults. The activity statistics of every member of the family can be seen through the app.

Examples of the data that can be tracked for each member of the family include the following: steps taken, distance moved, calories burned, and weight. The hourly, daily, monthly and yearly statistics can also be viewed.


  • Every sensor of iBitz is comparatively affordable. Thus, all the members of a family can each put on one and they can track the statistics of their activity with the use of one or more iOS devices.
  • Due to the fact that the fitness tracker is app-dependent, the developers can easily improve the device by adding more function without the wearer having to purchase a new iBitz kids fitness tracker.
  • The iBitz structure offers to the parent and the child the opportunity to communicate for the purpose of setting up goals and rewards. This helps to make the family engaged in helping every member to be active.
  • GeoPalz the company behind the production of iBitz business tracker has been reputable for the development of the pedometers for kids for a number of years.


  • There is no number display on the sensor. You need to sync the sensor to your mobile device before you can see how you are progressing.
  • At present, the gaming aspect is restricted to the space exploration game, but the app is under nonstop revision and additional game may be incorporated in the future.
  • The only statistics observable in the PowerKey app at this time are total steps and steps uploaded at the last sync. That may be improved in the nearest future. However, currently, the Striiv pedometer and Zamzee Activity Meter have more to offer. They provide more fun filled experience and lots of games.


The iBitz kids Activity Tracker is great for a child who is less active. The size is suitable for kids. Nevertheless there are some things that need to be improved.

iBitz Kids

Pard Kids Fitness Tracker

Pard kid’s fitness tracker tracks your steps when you are active and monitors you when you sleep via its sleep monitor. It provides much more value than just a fitness tracker due to the fact that it as well serves as SMS, phone call, Facebook and Twitter vibrating alerts.

It comes with built-in pedometer with which it keeps track of your day to day activities and estimates steps, calorie burned and distance covered. It moves freely on your wrist, light up the screen and makes it easy for you to check time and easily read sports data.

Features of Pard Kids fitness tracker

  • Water resistant: Pard fitness tracker is water resistant.
  • Heart Rate Detection: It supports real-time monitoring and all day monitoring
  • It comes with smart alarm clock
  • It has clock features and displays time and date.
  • The sedentary remind feature informs you when you have been inactive for a while to get up and get moving
  • The step counting feature: The step counting feature records the number of steps you take in a day. 
  • It also have feature that measures the amount of calorie you burn.
  • It as well has a SMS reminding feature and call reminding feature.
  • It features a touch button which makes it easy to view the data from the screen.
  • It features alarm clock that wakes you up with silent vibration to avoid disturbing other people.


It can be used on the land and under the water due to its waterproof nature. This simply means that your child will comfortably wear it with relative peace of mind while in the shower, under rain or while swimming inside the waters.

It actually routinely detects swim posture, tracks paddling times, swimming time and the amount of calories that you have burnt. Thus, it is a great device to start off training for swimming.


Design and Build

It is a stylishly designed fitness tracker produced with OLED touch screen, Detachable watchband, Life waterproof, smart display wake up, is made with photoelectric heart rate sensor, small vibration motor, these features make it an excellent sport and health fitness tracker.


It manages and maintains your health


Photoelectric heart rate sensor monitors your heart rate. Sleep monitor helps you to manage your sleep well. Sedentary remind and alarm alert remind you to get active and start exercising in real time.  It allows you to keep track records of your sports.

Excellent mobile companion

Its smart reminder feature makes it excellent mobile companion. It support messages, SMS, Call, QQ, Wechat, Facebook and Twitter vibrating alert and displays the icon of a short message or contact name or phone number.


The pard kid’s fitness tracker is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, IOS 8.0 and above OS.  It is also compatible with Samsung, Apple, iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5 and so on. The HPlus Watch app can be downloaded free from Apple Store or Google Play.

Overall, the Pard Kids fitness tracker is a waterproof sports fitness tracker that features an Oled touch screen. Pard kid’s fitness tracker is a smart wrist band’s fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate and syncs with Bluetooth 4.0. It is a multi-purpose fitness tracker that does the following function: It displays time, it serves as heart rate monitor, a pedometer; calorie burning device; distance tracking and  step counting; sedentary remind; phone calls alert and message alarm alert and so on.

Pard Kids fitness tracker


Sqord Activity Tracker For Kids

Sqord Inc announced its latest fitness tracker, the Sqord Activity Pod. It features a free fun-filled and motivating game app that boosts group play among kids. The aim is to assist kids improve their physical, social, and emotional health.

The Sqord activity tracker for kids comes with a social and rewards-based motivational interface provided through the Sqord Online and Sqord App. Kids get rewarded for their physical activities with virtual medals, points, and promotion to new “levels” through the Sqord website.

Sqord users can applaud each other with a number of social motivation features like a High Fives or congratulation, Squawk messages where users choose from pre-written messages to send to other users, and Thought Bubble where users select from pre-written messages that are shown to everyone who can see that player. Players can as well confront friends and family members with Sqord Boosters to competitions.

Sqord is exclusively made because it was manufactured particularly to be used among kids’ group.  It was tested in real life schools. Due to the group nature of the Sqord fitness tracker incentive structure, a child needs to play it with another child who has Sqord in order to enjoy the full benefit. In the absence of that, the parent of the child can get a second pair and play with the child. The parent, thus, can create his or her account online.

The activity tracker is placed on a plastic wrist band, but can as well be carried in a pocket or connected to the child’s shoe. It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks the length of time an activity occurred and the number of steps taken. The Sqord activity tracker is waterproof and can be used under water and on the land. It functions on a 3V coin cell battery that lasts roughly for 6 months. The Sqord App is compatible with iOS and Android, and the Sqord activity tracker can sync through Bluetooth Low Energy to BLE-enabled compatible devices.

It is also possible to transfer data transfer to laptops and desktops through the Sqord USB/BLE Sync Dongle that you can purchase separately.

Sqord Activity Tracker is suitable for kids within the ages of eight to fourteen year. Your kids can as well take part in week to week leader board and in the head-to-head or competitive challenges with friends. Parents can put goals for their kids and create their own customized and inimitable awards.

It is a great fitness tracker for kids

Sqord fitness band tracker encourages healthy, active play through fun game app for children, giving them the opportunity to compete and earn points for their day to day healthy activities. It comes with two-fold benefits that combine the fitness tracking functions with activities to engage and compete with friends and families.

Thus, it is much more than just a step counter because it tracks and records every form of movements and converts them into points. With these points, your kids can get really cool awards in the Sqord app. It is very solid and indestructible. It is waterproof, requires no charging and is kidSAFE Certified.

It encourages fun for kids and families

By tracking all activities and converting it through the Sqord game app into points to earn rewards and features, kids and families are encouraged to engage more and more in physical activities.


Sqord activity tracker for kids is kid-safe. It is kidSAFE-certified implies no bullying, no open chat, no strangers or safety risks. There are also parental controls over child’s account and all it contains is 100 percent kids-age-suitable.

Product Description

Sqord fitness tracker comes with a fitness platform that makes healthy, active play full of fun for kids by permitting them to compete and earn points for day to day everyday activities. 

The Sqord activity tracker doesn’t merely counts your steps but as well the different types of movement you make and convert it into points that earn you Awards within the free kidSAFE-certified App.

The Sqord Pod- kid fitness tracker withstands kids handling

The Sqord Pod kid fitness tracker is made of a solid build that comfortably withstands harsh circumstances on the land and in the water. It is, thus, water proofed and can be used to engage in water balloon fights or swimming pool competition sessions. The Sqord Pod fitness tracker makes use of a typical watch battery structured to last for more than nine months. The battery is replaceable; there is no need to charge it as it is easily replaceable and less costly.

Sqord in reality Delivers Results

Sqord provides real-time result unlike the majorities of fitness trackers out there. Research conducted by Group Health, a Seattle based large nonprofit healthcare system, revealed that inactive 5th grader who made use of this fitness tracker recorded 55 percent increase in their activity level despite the fact that this fitness tracker cost a bit lower than equivalent fitness trackers in the market.

Create Your Character

Users can create their character by downloading a safe Sqord App.  Once the app is downloaded and the character is created, they can set goals and connect with friends.

It tracks the children movement as they Play

While kids run, jump, swim or play, they collect points and win awards.

It encourages additional activity in a fun-filled manner

The more points the kids earn, the more able they are to unlock wild and crazy things they can do with their character.

It is produced with kids interest and parents concern about safety in mind

Sqord is designed particularly for kids and focused on the needs of kids and fulfilled parents’ concerns by connecting kids to a fun social platform that motivates them to get active, tracks their activities, and reward their day to day physical activity in a safe way. Thus, it makes healthy and active play full of fun and exciting.

Sqord activity tracker for kids

Nabi Compete Fitness tracker

Nabi, a popular tablet manufacturer for kids use, extended its business prospect to fitness trackers. This incredible fitness tracker for kids is aimed at engaging kids in fitness and social fun, boosting the likelihood of families engaging more in physical activities and teaching healthy habits.

The Nabi compete fitness tracker’s pack arrives in two colorful wristbands that can be synced to the Nabi Compete app for iOs and Android mobiles.

The CEO of Fuhu stated that while designing nabi Compete, they took into consideration things that engage kids like gaming, social interaction, friendly competition and performance.

To encourage competitions, Nabi Compete bands are sold in pairs to give siblings, friends, or even kids and their parents the opportunity to connect, compete with each other and stay fit.

Nabi Compete is a fitness tracker for kids that help them to get active through fun games. It is a product of Nabi, a popular producer of Nabi tablet.

 It comes with a companion app that makes fitness fun, relevant and collective efforts with great virtual prizes, friendly competitions and fitness tasks.

It is very similar to the standard adult activity tracker but it is much more exciting than the standard adult fitness tracker.

The band is structured like the Fitbit or Jawbone, and made from durable silicone with a Bluetooth button and step counter smartly inserted into the centre. It provides data to an app on your Smartphone that is kept within a 20-foot distance.

In addition, the Nabi app provides kids with the opportunity to compete and collaborate with each other to do tasks while at the same time, assisting kids to track the food they eat, complete challenges, and earn pet virtual rewards.

Keeps kids busy

Nabi compete encourages children to compete in fun-filled fitness activities like running, doing a marathon race or teaming up with friends and family to burn calories.

Nabi Compete’s challenges

The challenges help to inject a few much-required fun and energy into the drive to keep fit. During nabi challenges, you can even share your moods with the use of emoticons on the kid-friendly social network Nabi Konnect.

As you would found in related fitness tracking apps, kids can as well observe the distance they covered, how many steps they took, their personal best, and the amount of calories they burned calculated with the amount of food they eat against their day’s activities.

The app

The app is great. It comes with a well-designed dashboard with brilliant colours, vibrant graphics, and easy to read statistics. Kids can earn virtual pets; get points to feed their virtual pets, get badges, and try to win in wild challenges.

Nabi Complete is a new fitness tracker designed for kids. It makes use of virtual pets and real-world inspired challenges to encourage kids to stay healthy and fit.

Encourages team work

Nabi complete encourages teamwork. Through working together with other kids as team, children can easily reach their fitness goal.

Engages children in healthy fitness completion

The two-in-one shipping of Nabi compete is meant to give friends and family an opportunity to engage in fun activity challenges. They can just choose a distance goal and select from a lot of real life challenges like the length of the Brooklyn Bridge or the National Mall Loop. They can as well select a food goal and see who can win in burning off the calories of junk food.



It comes with excellent style allowing you to alter the appearance of your fitness tracker with an assortment of color caps and elegant wristbands. You can get creative with color mixtures and stick out even as you compete.

Earn virtual pets

You can grow virtual pets by finishing up challenges. Earn points and feed pets with the use of the “Go Points” earned by being active. Make use of “Go Points” to feed and grow your pet from a newborn to fully grown pet.

Count your steps and distance covered

The Nabi fitness tracker helps you to learn about distance covered and calories burned daily. You can also make use of the dashboard to compare present steps and averages steps taken over time. Earn “Go Points” by being active.

If you aren’t particularly comfortable with the issue of calorie counting for kids, the principle in this nabi compete is a weak approach. It typically informs your kids of the activities they are required to use for competition to help them burn more calories such as a pizza, or a bag of cookies, and assisting them to get idea of what specific quantity of calorie really looks like.

Battery life

The nabi compete is made up of excellent battery life and construction quality. With the Nabi fitness tracker, your kids can as well get engaged in the Nabi Connect, a child-friendly social network. It comes with long battery life and robust overall performance that makes it a good value for the price and suitable for the majorities of kids.

The Nabi kid’s tracker is made up of vibrant and basic design that is customized to suit the needs of young children. Although, it is made for kindergarten children, it comes with a great and remarkable build quality.

Nabi Compete bands

Conclusion on the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids:

I have done my best to list out the common features in a kid fitness tracker and how important they are when you’re about to get a fitness tracker for your child.

Most of the currently available kids fitness trackers have a flaw on each of the flaw; making it difficult to actually pick a device as the best fitness tracker for kids. Nevertheless, our recommendations are as follows:

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Ages 3 to 5: Garmin vivofit JR. – Digi Camo

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Aged 6 to 13Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Aged 14 and Above: Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Black

Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Fitness Tracker.

Before you buy any brand of fitness tracker for your child; here are the basic things you should know about kids fitness tracker.

According to health report; people that exercise and feed well are less prone to diseases because their immune system functions optimally and they stand a better chance of living longer than those that does not exercise their body.

Aside from good health; being in good shape; both physically and mentally instill a certain type of confidence in kids; the type of confidence that any parent would want their kids to have.

As it is right now; the food we eat; the luxury of cars and other technology that makes life easier contributes mainly to the poor fitness attitude amidst humans; while those technology have done us a lot of good over the decade; it’s important to keep a check on their usage and avoid falling victim of the disadvantages that comes with.

According to this research; about 70% of American adults are overweight or obese, 20% of adolescent age children and 17% of children between the age of 6 – 11 are overweight or obese.

You would agree with me that; kids love watching tv, playing video games and surfing the internet; these activities are all under the passive category of daily activities; because they do not require physical movement and usage of various body muscles and joint.

Passive activities are not only bad for the physical health; they also have negative impact on the mental health. People that exercise are known to have a high functioning mental state compared to those that doesn’t.

Now; that you know the negative effect of passive activity; how do you get your kids to be more active? How do you get them to love active activities, how do you get kids to move more and be more active? How do you keep your child physically fit, how do you teach them about fitness and nutrition and its benefits on both the physical and mental health?

This is where kids fitness tracker comes in; they are various types of wearable technology that helps in monitoring different aspect of your child’s health and fitness.


What are Kids Fitness Tracker?

Kids fitness trackers are generally small wearable device designed to monitor fitness related activities in Kids. They measure data such as steps, calories usage and consumption, sleeping hours and quality. In simple terms; they monitor and record kids fitness activities.

Most wearable kids fitness tracker works in synchronization with desktop or mobile apps that basically analyze the acquired data. The ideal fitness tracker for kids are integrated into the form of game; as this allows kids to have fun while benefiting from the numerous advantages of fitness trackers. Most kids would love to wear their fitness tracker because it has cool games on them.

Some fitness trackers are also associated with social media network through their mobile apps; that allows users to share their fitness achievement across social network.

Some fitness tracker apps synchronized with kids fitness tracker allow parents to create a reward based system for every fitness achievement.

Most kids fitness trackers can be worn on the wrist as wrist bands, there are also arm bands and waist bands varieties but the wrist bands varieties are more common; fashionable and easy to use for kids. They can easily be worn on the wrist like a regular digital wrist watch,

Benefits of Kids Fitness Tracker:

In the earlier part of this post; I wrote about the importance of engaging kids in active activities rather than passive activities. Engaging in passive activities allows maximum usage of the entire motor skills of the body; it gives the brain enough blood supply which will directly result into more mental alertness.

Because most fitness trackers are designed as wearable devices that acquire data and synchronize the data to a mobile app or a desktop app; the data acquired can then be analyzed to improve health performance

The importance of the data acquired from this device cannot be overemphasized. You basically get real-life data on how much of calories your kids are burning per day; you get to know about the hours of quality sleep they get on daily basis, and the number of kilometers they walk or run through.

With this kind of information; as a parent you can adjust your diet to include more carbohydrate or protein as the case may be; you can also put measures in place to ensure that your child gets more quality sleep at night. It’s also been proved that fitness tracker plays a crucial role in motivating kids to do more as regards to the metrics obtained from previous activities.

As it is right now; the benefit of kids fitness tracker is on the high end; some tracker comes with an in-built GPS; that allows you to locate your kids position based on synchronized data.

Buying Kids Fitness Tracker:

When buying a fitness tracker for your child; there are certain things you should use as evaluation standard. There are many choices out there; making it extremely difficult to choose the right fitness tracker for your child.

In this section of the post; I would highlight some standards; and what you should always check out for; when buying kids fitness tracker.

Comfort-ability: Because most kids are playful and the generally don’t want any foreign materials (Be it tracker or wrist watch) hindering their movement or activities, it’s highly advisable to consider the comfortability of the fitness tracker before making a purchase.

You should check the slap bracelet to see if it’s something the kids can wear without feeling uncomfortable.

Another factor worth of note is the hook for fitness trackers that has one. Make sure the hook does not compress or press over the child’s arm, since they would be wearing it for a long time; both during the day and the night.

Always put comfort-ability first.

Features: Depending on your reason for getting a fitness tracker for your kid. There are basic features in a typical kid fitness tracker; features such as calories counting, steps or mile counting; time display, sleep monitor, goals and motivating varieties.

The most important thing is to really understand what you want to achieve with the fitness tracker and get the one with the features geared towards your goal.

Power: Depending on the brand; some kids fitness tracker are powered by battery while some are rechargeable. The rechargeable fitness tracker takes about 7 days before running out of power for another recharge; while the battery powered fitness tracker would always have an average life span of 5 months before getting a replacement for the battery.

For kids fitness tracker; it’s advisable to get a battery powered fitness tracker; as you can focus on motivating your kids and doing more fitness activities rather than bearing the responsibility of charging the tracker every week.

Synchronization: It’s important that you get a fitness tracker that synchronizes with the official mobile app for easy data accessibility. Since the main aim of having fitness tracker on in the first instance is to acquire data and motivate kids; ensure the device works with the official apps and if possible good third party fitness app.

Get a fitness tracker that synchronizes with both android OS and IPhone OS, this will allow you to monitor your kids fitness progress on the go.

How to Use Kids Fitness Tracker:

Now that you’ve gotten a fitness tracker for your child; it’s important that you understand the usage in other to get the best value from the device.

The first step to using a fitness tracker for kids is to educate the child about the device. Tell them in simple term what the device does; why you think they would enjoy using the device and the benefits of using the fitness tracker.

Once the child is properly educated; then you can move on to the next stage of getting basal data from the device.

I am currently assuming that you’ve followed the guide that came with the device in setting up the app and online account as the case may be for the device you purchased.

For the first week of purchase; it’s ideal to have your child strap the device on and go about their regular activities without making any changes. After the first week of taking basal data; analyze the data and set a minimal goal based on normal routine.

Take for instance if your child normally takes 300 steps per day; you can set a goal of 350 or 400 steps for the second week; and progress accordingly.

Learn to review the data from time to time and make use of the data as appropriate. As a means of motivation for your kids; you can always compensate them with something they love doing when they meet a certain goal set on the app.

Kids Fitness Tracker:

Fitness TrackerStep CountCalorie CountBattery RatingGoal Settings 
Garmin Vivofit JrYesNo8/10YesCheck Price
JubouryYesYes7/10NoCheck Price
FitBit ZipYesYes8/10YesCheck Price
Garmin VivoFitYesYes9/10YesCheck Price

Our Recommended Kids Fitness Tracker:

Children aged 4 to 7: Garmin vivofit JR. – Digi Camo

Children Aged 5 to  13 Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta

Children aged 14 and above: Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Blue