5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Fitbit Trackers

Fitbit trackers are super cool.

They don’t just do a good job in tracking the important stats like step, calories, sleep and in some high end tracker heart rate. The Fitbit company is doing a great job when it comes to sleek design of their fitness tracker.

Only Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One does not look super stylish, other models are pretty nice and would easily pass for a fashion accessory.

This post would shed light on five (5) things you probably don’t know about your fitbit tracking device.

Smarter Than You Think.
The technology adopted by fitbit is one of the latest in the market as far as step tracking is concerned.

Fitbit device uses a 3-axis accelerometer that is capable for tracking your motion accurately. This highly sensitive tracker is capable of differentiating running motion from normal gait as well as climbing.

Older generation of fitness tracker (they’re basically called pedometers) has a single-axis accelerometer installed in it.

Now that you know how smart your fitbit device is, you don’t have to check the stats every step of the way to make sure the readings are accurate.

Relax and go about your daily activity, because fitbit’s accuracy is one of the best in the world of fitness trackers.

Really Doesnt Know When You Sleep.

This is a little bit tricky, but I would try to explain in a very simple term.

For low end fitbit trackers (Zip, Flex and One), you need to set the device in idle mode, and it then take note of your minimal movement to calculate your sleeping time.

Basically, the high end fitbit trackers can go into idle mode, automatically once it detects little or not movement of a certain period of time.

The catch here is that, tracking sleep pattern with fitbit is probably not a good idea because the device is far from perfection as far as sleep tracking is concerned.

Until a device is able to detect sleeping habit based on the heart rate and body movement anaylsis, data provided from such device would be far from perfect.

Age Restriction Saga

I have mentioned this several times on my blog. Kids younger than 13 are not allowed to use fitbit tracker legitimately.

Although there is a way around it, but I think it’s good to mention it here as well.

The reason for this restriction is because of a law called “Online Privacy Act”. The goal of the law is to reduce exposure of kids to internet abuse of data.

This law makes is very difficult for corporation to market goods or services to kids within this age bracket. Because they process of marketing fitbit to kids of this age requires various forms of certification and approval, fitbit gave up on the idea of pursuing that end of the market.

Online privacy act restricts Fitbit from acquiring and storing data of kids below the age of 13. Since most fitbit are built to synchronize acquired data automatically to the cloud, then it becomes almost impossible to get younger kids on board.

FitBit With Other 3rd Party App:

Apps like Myfitnesspal is very good at taking record of the food and drink you consume on daily basis.

If you’re interested in tracking the food and drink you take everyday, if you’re a calorie freak, then you should consider connecting your fitbit account to the myfitnesspal app.

Data from the MyFitnessPal account can be easily transferred to your fitbit account and you’d have a pretty good idea of the calories you gain and burn on daily basis.

You Dont Have to Sync all day.

Most people don’t know this, but you can actually disable all day synchronization of data between fitbit and paired device.

If you’re trying to save your battery, then this is a good idea.

 BONUS: You can also charge your fitbit without using the computer. If you have a USB car charger, you can get it charged while driving to work or coming back home.  There are several other cool things about fitbit that I did not mention in this article.

If you know of other popular stuff that people rarely mention when talking about fitbit, then be nice to share it using the comment box below.

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