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KFT (Kids Fitness Tracker) is a blog dedicated to sharing valuable information about wearable technologies as it relates to kids.

UPDATE: As at 30th April, 2016. I have considered the idea of writing about fitness technology for parent as well. Based on the data accumulated over the months, I discovered that parents who are interested in getting their kids fit could also use some quality information about general fitness. So this blog has grown beyond just kids fitness to the level of sharing information about family fitness and wearable technology and hopefully, it would benefit more people out there.

It is increasingly becoming difficult on daily basis to motivate kids to do more outdoor activities; a larger percentage would rather watch their favorite TV show, or surf the internet and chat with their friends all day.

You would agree with me that the effect of this in-activeness amidst children is not something that should be taken lightly, hence it’s important for parents to find a way of motivating their children to be more active outdoor.

And this is where fitness trackers comes in. Most of the available fitness trackers would count your step, measure the amount of calories burnt per activity and also keep a record of how well they slept. It all sounds great, right? The sad news is that; most of the trackers requires an online account in other to function effectively when it comes to data synchronization.

If you live in the United States, you would know that in compliance to the privacy law, children below the age of 13 are not allowed to have such online account and as a result of this limitation children might not be able to use the regular fitness tracker.

This is the main reason for creating this blog, I have decided to dedicate my time into writing about fitness tracker for kids and at the same time review the ones that are kids friendly.

As you surf through the site; I hope you find it resourceful.

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