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Tracking Kids Sleeping Habit: Ideal or Not?

Should kids sleeping habit be tracked? Activity tracking is the latest big thing. Lots’ of adults are spending reasonable amount of money on buying activity tracker, either to track their calorie consumption, exercise as well as sleeping habit. Parents are also encouraging their kids to get into fitness, either by getting them cheap fitness tracking... Read More »

Garmin Vivofit jr Your Day To Day Activity Tracker for Kids

Garmin vivofit jr is a smart activity tracker made water resistant with state-of-the-art technologies to boost your kids’ zeal to put it on throughout the day. This post is a review and feature post of Garmin vivofit jr device. This activity tracker is meant to encourage your children to reach their daily 60 minutes recommended... Read More »

Kids Pedometer: Guide to Buying the Best Pedometer in Market.

This post about kids pedometer will discuss all you should know about using pedometer for kids, the best pedometer for kids and other benefits that comes with getting fit using a fitness device. I started this blog few months ago with the main aim of promoting kids fitness, I must say that the response I... Read More »

Exercise For Kids: All You Should Know.

Exercise for kids is not something strange… Here is a nitty-gritty article about it… When we hear the word “Exercise”, we naturally just assume gym appointments, or weight lifting and spending hours away from the TV or from work, or any other form of stress-related activity, but it is not always so. In a more... Read More »

GPS Watch for kids: What You Should Know.

Here are the basic things you should know about GPS watch for kids….. Part of being a kid is playing outside and exploring, so it’s impossible to keep an eye on your children at all times. With this in mind, GPS tracking for kids has become increasingly popular. The GPS watch for kids is the... Read More »

6 Fitness Tracker App For Iphones and Android.

Thinking of monitoring your fitness activities without spending excessively on wearable technologies? I’ve got you covered in this post. I have compiled a list of six (6) fitness tracker app that works both on Iphone and Android devices. The apps are free to download and can be used for various fitness purposes. App Name: FitStar... Read More »

Ultimate Guide: GPS Tracker For Kids.

Want to know about gps tracker for kids? continue below…. Losing track of a child is a parents’ worst nightmare, but how far would you go to keep your child safe? Some parents are turning to GPS technology to help track their child’s whereabouts. This method is considered to be an incredibly simple and reliable... Read More »

Ultimate Guide On Fitness Tracker For Kids

Thinking of getting fitness tracker for kids? Read this first. The Reality About Fitness In Our Society: Have you seen this report about the number of people dying yearly due heart related disease? Physical inactivity, poor diet, overweight and obesity, are listed among risk factors. 20 Years from now, will the world be as healthy... Read More »

Fitbit For Kids: Parental Guide To Fitness Tracker

Thinking of getting Fitbit for kids? Read this before you do! I would go ahead and make some assumption here: You probably own a fitbit and your child sees it on your wrist everyday, they probably ask you how it functions, and you took your time to explain the basis to them, and now they... Read More »

Child GPS Tracker Is A Must Have For Parents.

When it comes to parenting, safety is one of the most important issue. It’s the sole responsibility of the parent to keep their child safe. But how do you keep an eye on your child when they’re away from you? How do you know exactly where they are? This is where child GPS tracker comes... Read More »

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