5 Benefits of Activity Tracker for Kids.

The use of wearable technology is now very popular among adult; while small percentage of kids have access to wearable such as activity trackers. This post is targeted at parents to enlighten them about the benefits of activity trackers for kids and why they should get one for their kids.

Most parents don’t see the need to get an activity tracker for their child; mostly because they don’t think they’re overweight and as such they don’t need motivation in doing more exercise.

According to this research; about 600,000 people die every year to heart related disease. While there are different causes of heart disease; such as congenital anomalies, old age etc. We can’t rule out the fact that obesity or inactivity also has an impact on the functioning of the heart.

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While this may be true in general perception; the real truth is that; you don’t have to be overweight before you get one of the recommended activity tracker for kids. My aim in the next few paragraphs is to enlighten you about the benefits of activity tracker for kids and how they can be of high value to your child’s health; no matter what his or her BMI (body mass index) is right now.

Healthy Lifestyle: I am a strong believer that you don’t need to be struggling with a certain health disease before you start to think about inculcating a healthy lifestyle.

Activity tracker for kids will let you keep a close watch on your child’s health status. It collects various amount of data based on your kids daily activities and present this data on a third party app which you can then analyze to make inference about your kids health.

The average activity tracker for kids will have the ability to measure metrics such as; calories; steps and sleep tracking. Imagine how beneficial this data would be when you’re creating a food plan for your family. When you know how much calories your kids burn before lunch hour; you would factorize it into your plan for his lunch basket.

When you know the number of hours they spend getting quality rest; you can improve their well being by doing things that would make them feel more relaxed in other to get more quality sleep; provided they’re not.

The extent to which data acquired from activity tracker for kids can be used in influencing your kids healthy cannot be overemphasized.

If getting your kids to live a healthy life sounds nice to you; then getting one of the best activity tracker for kids won’t be a bad idea.

Smarter Brain: Have you ever heard of the word; “couch potatoes”? It is often use to describe those that spend the best hours of their days watching television shows and playing video games.

By default, a larger percentage of kids would rather be a “couch potato” than going out to do some active exercise.

The effect of being a couch potato on the brain is not a very good one. It reduces the overall ability of your kids brain to think very fast and come up with creative ideas or solution. It’s very important to use the brain maximally during the early stage of life; as such the brain would have increased capability for data acquisition.

Activity tracker for kids can help your kids in doing more activities outside the sitting room; and indirectly making them smarter because they are using a larger percentage of their brain to compete those task (which is usually the case for most active activities).

Research has it that; athletes are much more intelligent than an average individual that is not involved in any form of exercise. The more involved your kids are in active exercise and other activities that requires the use of their brain actively; the smarter they are. Activity tracker for kids would get your kids to move more to do more and increase their involvement in other active exercise or activities; rather than watching television, playing video games or surfing the internet.


Self Confidence: Let us face it; the self-confidence that comes with being in good health shape cannot be overemphasized.

When your kids are healthy, they generally have the required self-confidence to get involved in various things that are considered productive for their age. They do not have to worry about being accepted into their society because they see themselves as the best the society could have.

A good parent would definitely want this type of self-confidence for their kids at such an early stage of life. In addition, the activity tracker for kids can indirectly help you in achieving that.

When you know enough about your child’s health; it becomes increasingly easy to keep them healthy; either by influencing their choice of food; or the type of activities they are involved in.

Because kid’s fitness increases communication between parents and their child; as you tend to do most exercise routine together, you stand a chance of increasing your parent-child bonding which is another indirect advantage of the activity tracker for kids.

Stronger Kids: This also revolves around the previous point I have been making since the beginning of this article. Kids that exercise are generally healthier and stronger compared to those that does not. And luckily enough; he activity tracker for kids helps in motivating your child to exercise more and be more active.

Reduced Expenses: In the long-term benefit, keeping a clean health bill would save you lots of trouble and money on your kids.

Our Recommended Activity Tracker For Kids:

For Younger Children:  LeapFrog LeapBand, Green

Children Aged 5 to 13: Juboury Bluetooth Activity Fitness Tracker

Children Aged 14 and Above: Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Purple


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