Best Balance Bike: The Ultimate Guide

Exercise is one of the methods of keeping kids healthy, I have covered a lot about the benefits of exercise for kids, and also I have written mostly about kids fitness technology. But today’s post would be something slightly different from what I have always written about. In today’s post, I would be writing on balance bike for kids, and how to choose the best balance bike for your child.

Balance bike are bicycle without pedals, designed specifically for kids. Just as the name implies, the major aim of using a balance bike is to help kid learn how to balance on double wheels. Mostly, children would progress from the use of balance bike to actual kid bicycle.

Why You Should Buy A Balance Bike

While is very easy to assume that it’s only function is to teach kids about balance on two wheel, it would be a wrong assumption because a balance bike serve more purpose than that. Listed below are some of the other benefits of a balance bike, which amounts to why you should get one for your kid.

#1. Exercise:

It gets kids to move. Nowadays, it’s common for kids to choose to stay indoor all day, doing nothing but watching the tv, playing video games and using the internet. This unhealthy habit has been associated with obesity, and the data isn’t looking so good, because they rate of child obesity keeps increasing every year.

While toddlers, less than the age of ten (10) should not be bothered about watching their weight or what they eat, it’s important to imbibe in them a sense of healthy living through various physical activities. One of such activity is biking. And learning how to ride a bike begins from the use of a balance bike.

When you get your kid a balance bike, as young as they are; they want to ride it all the time, they would urge and beg you to please take them for a ride.

This would not only ensure that they get engaged in physical activities outside the house, it would equally train them on healthy living through exercise. These lessons are as invaluable as they can be.

#2. Relationship:

There is nothing as great as spending quality time with your children during physical activities and other outdoor fun activities. Luckily bike riding happens to be one of those activity. Because a balance bike does not have it’s own pedal, the parent is responsible for helping the child with the riding activity while they gradually find their balance along the road. In moments like this, parents get to know their kids the more.

What they like, what they dislike, how their day went, and what they think of them. Think of it as a close session between parents and their kids. If you love this, then getting your child a balance bike is your best bet.

#3. It’s Cheaper:

Although, this section of the article is not for comparison between a balance bike and a tricycle. But as far as the price goes, a balance bike is cheaper in the long run as compared to a tricycle.

When you buy a tricycle for your kid, they would eventually outgrow it and would need a bicycle, but the ugly truth is that, they cannot just go ahead and ride a bicycle, they would need to learn using training wheel, which is another expenses, then you would have to get them a regular bike after that.

Accumulating all the expenses has shown that, getting a balance bike is much more economical in the long run. You can also sell it off when you have no need for it anymore. The resale price is also reasonable.

#5. Teaches Kid To Ride:

This is the major reason why most people buy a balance bike. It teaches kid how to ride a regular bike, rather than going for a training wheel. A balance bike would teach your child how to maintain a balance on two wheels, and once they master this, it becomes very easy for them to ride the normal bike with pedal. This reduces the risk of injury to it’s minimal level.

Choosing The Best Balance Bike

Unlike other physical activity products, the choice of the best balance bikes isn’t just based on the quality of the materials used, how comfortable they are or the brand for that matter. The most important factors have been explained in their different categories below.

Balance Bike or Tricycle?

This might not seem necessary, especially when you think you have made the choice to get your kid a balance bike instead of a tricycle. However, let me reassure you of the quality of your choice.

When it comes to bikes and kids, the balance bike requires less of a physical effort and more of an intellectual exercise. Unlike the tricycle that is already balanced and requires only physical effort and steering, the balance bikes involves that as well as balance which is one of the most important factors that influence your kid’s growth.

It builds their esteem and makes them more dependent on their abilities and feel more confident about their strengths as kids.

Wood, Metal or Plastic Balance Bike?

Having seen the importance of the balance bike and the advantage it has over the tricycle, the material that the bike is made of also matters as this influences durability, weight as well as the span of the bike itself.

Plastic balance bikes are no as sturdy as metal bikes but give more sturdy assurance than it’s wooden equivalent. Wooden bikes also possess lesser seat adjustment modifications as compared to plastic and metal balance bikes in whose case has more architecture in its designs for seat modification, handlebars and footrests.

Even though the metal and plastic metal bikes have proven to be more durable and possess way more ease qualities than the wooden balance bike, it sure does have its advantage, being one of the cheapest types of balance bikes and not a bad idea for older kids with more bike experience and little to learn in balancing and navigation.

Balance Bike Age:

For kids, bike riding is always a learning process. So, just like education where there are different lessons meant for different ages, there are different balance bikes for different ages.

However, the most important part of this category is that, irrespective of your kid’s age, make sure you purchase a bike that fits, to ease the learning process as well as the fun associated with the physical exercise that riding bikes bring.


Bikes are really cool inventions and we love them just as much as our kids do. As expected, the pricey bikes have more accessories that ease bike riding as well sa high-end bike parts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheaper or averagely priced ones are not as good for your kid. Just make sure you use this post to tailor your kid’s bike preference and make the most of it without emptying your pockets.

Top 5 Balance Bikes

Strider Balance Bike:

This brand represents children and supports the fun they’d love to have. They prefer to be cheerleaders instead of coaches, thereby removing the uptightness from the learning process in balance bike riding.

Strider balance bike has this infused into the mechanism of its operation, allowing the rider to set the pace and learn as fast as he or she can.


The features of the Strider balance bike that help the brand achieve this child support motion include;

  • Easy Assembly: The bike can be assembled under 5 minutes with a 5mm wrench included for assembly.
  • High Performance designs
  • Flat-free EVA polymer tires
  • Ultralight wheels for easier movement and with less effort
  • Frame-integrated footrest
  • Adjustable seat (11 inches to 16 inches) and Handle bars (18 inches to 22 inches).
  • 2 year factory warranty
  • Mini-saddle seat for toddler sized hips (18 months to 5 years old) with a weight support of under 60lbs.

Radio Flyer Balance Bike:

The Radio Flyer is a brand that is famous for its ability to create legacy toys that spark fun imaginations in kids and add flavor to their fun. The Pedal-free Radio Flyer Balance Bike boosts your child’s confidence by helping with his or her focus on balance and prepare him or her for a two-wheeler in no time.


  • Comfortable Adjustable grow-with-me seat moves to fit rider’s comfort.
  • Light-weight steel frame
  • Traction Tread tires hug the road and prevent slipping.
  • Sturdy steel frame construction.
  • Complete with a ringing bell.
  • Weight capacity: 49 lbs.
  • Recommended for children ages 2.5-5 years.
  • Maintenance-free tired ensure years of use

Kazam Balance Bike:

According to the owners, there’s only one Kazam.

That statement translates their uniqueness in providing customers with a high quality product that meets industry safety standards at the best value too.

The concept of this brand was formed when the manufacturers tested their invention on their 2½ year old child while he was still in diapers. They trusted this product even when their son’s safety was on the line. This really is an amazing product.

The features that birthed this high praise and have kept them in the best categories of the balance bike marker are;


  • 12 inch steel, patented frame design with footrest
  • Power coated steel frame
  • Air Inflated Tires
  • Beginners hand brake style
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
  • Quick Release Saddle Adjustment
  • Weight Capacity: 75 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 4.75 x 33 inches


ZÜM-CX Wooden Balance Bike:

The ZUM brand take away the anxiety of training wheels making the ZUM-CX wooden balance bike the perfect model for developing coordination and balance as well as an easy transition to a traditional geared bicycle with pedals.

The features that put these goals under a likely possibility are;


  • 100% Clear Top Grade Birchwood
  • Patented steering that prevent Jack Knife accidents
  • Rubber handgrips to protect little hands and the end of the handlebar from scuffs
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for maintenance free, silent and smooth running wheels
  • Rubber air inflated tires make for a smooth ride
  • Maintenance free, silent and smooth running
  • High grade steel fasteners Padded Vinyl Adjustable Seat Height; (Adjusts from 12inches in low position to 17inches in high position)


Cruzee Balance Bikes:

Unlike most products, the cruzee brand aren’t just a couple of investors that formed an organization to make money of children’s needs.

This quality brand of balance bikes is a product of parenting and decades-long career of developing world class bikes and related products.

So, you can agree with me that the Cruzee brand know exactly how to work a bike to suit your kid’s preference and needs.

The most amazing part of this is that they have done all this while maintaining affordability and accessibility to as many families as possible. That right there is one key component of a top-rated product.


  • Light weight weighing about 4.2 pounds
  • Puncture Proof tires
  • Easy Assembly: Assembly and adjustment takes less time and requires no tools whatsoever
  • Lowest seat setting with Seat height range of 12inches to 18inches
  • Assembly takes only minutes and does not require tools
  • No protruding axle nuts to hit fragile little ankle bones

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