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Thinking of getting fitness tracker for kids? Read this first.

The Reality About Fitness In Our Society:

Have you seen this report about the number of people dying yearly due heart related disease? Physical inactivity, poor diet, overweight and obesity, are listed among risk factors.

20 Years from now, will the world be as healthy as it is right now? Will the world’s average life expectancy increase of decrease?

Will the technology all around us influence the coming generation positively as regards healthy living?

Maybe I am taking the issue of healthy living too serious. Maybe not!

Maybe it is not as bad as it seems.

May be there is no cause for alarm…

But sadly… There are numerous reasons to be worried about healthy living, the reports and data is not encouraging.

A larger percentage of Americans are suffering from weight disorder, and the number is increasing on yearly basis.

Some companies are making fortune selling weight loss products and other related supplements. Maybe that is not what we need?

Maybe we don’t have to starve ourselves to death before maintaining a normal body mass index.

I have been keeping an eye out on various front at which the issue of unhealthy habit that results into weight disorder can be combated in the US.

While my observation is not scientifically authentic, I am of the opinion that the fact drawn from it goes a long way in addressing various health issues.

Few years ago, fitness trackers came on board. People were getting the device, of the truth, many of the early buyers were getting it either for the love of technology, or for fashion sake (Which by the way; most fitness trackers are not as fashionable as it is right now)

Some people believe it’s an over-hyped device and that it would fade off pretty soon. This is roughly five years since fitness tracker became popular; and with the look of things; it not fading off in the nearest future.

Fitness Tracker For Kids: The Way Out.

I have read various articles about the success of most of the device, people are using it to stay fit, burn excess body fat , recover from injury (physiotherapy purpose), among other purpose… This thing is working, and the success rate is overwhelming.

Sadly, the way fitness tracker work is not kids friendly. A typical fitness tracker works by acquiring data and synchronizing with a desktop or mobile app. This in most cases requires the transfer of vital information over the internet.

If you reside in the United States, you are probably familiar with the Children Online Privacy Policy Act. This federal law makes it compulsory for any website to follow due diligence when acquiring data from children below the age of thirteen (13).

The highlight of the law is that; parent must be consented before acquiring information from children below age 13.

Complying with this law is a bit difficult and because of this; hardly will you see a website that allow kids below the age of 13 to submit information into their database.

The effect of COPPA on fitness tracker for kids is such that; a larger percentage of the fitness trackers available in the market are simple not kids friendly. They cannot use them because of COPPA restriction.

Companies like Fit Bit, Garmin and other popular brands in the fitness technology industry do not have a product designed for kids.

If you read my article on the Kids fitness trackers and what parents should know; you would agree with me that the benefit really outweighs the demerit.

The opportunity that fitness tracker for kids presents in motivating kids to be more active certainly outweighs the perceived privacy disadvantages.

Kids generally prefer to stay indoor; watch tv, and surf the internet. Those activities would keep them in door all day, they are not only socially withdrawn, passiveness has negative toll on the overall well being; both physically and mentally.

In one of my post; I suggested that one of the only way to get them to be more active is by creating a reward based system, where they get rewarded for each completed goal under the active activities.

To show that this method (of creating a reward system works) UNICEF in her latest kids invention introduced the reward based system; where kids are rewarded for each completed goal. The reward ranges from  virtual pet, to actual humanitarian service when kids gets active. You can check the UNICEF link about for detailed information.

How then can kids be motivated? How can we get them to move? How can we create a reward-based system that ultimately get kids off the couch and take them outside to become active?

Using fitness tracker for kids has been shown to answer most of those questions. Parents have reported increased level of activities when their kids began to use a fitness tracker.

The greatest misconception is that fitness trackers are meant for overweight or obese people (While they can greatly benefit from the use of the device), this assumption undermine the overall function of fitness trackers.

Using fitness tracker for kids should have little to do about their weight, unless they have an above average BMI (body mass index).

Calculate kids BMI using this tool.

There is no point in getting worried about the amount of food they take in and the calories they burn per activity; the most important thing is ensuring they feed well.

fitness tracker for kids

Why Use Fitness Tracker For Kids?

If fitness tracker for kids is not meant to monitor the amount of calories taken and amount used, what then is it for?

I was hoping we would get to that question earlier than now:

As a parent, the reasons for using fitness tracker for kids should be:

To Teach:

Considering the current percentage of overweight and obese people, we have in the country; according to this data on CDC page.

Teaching kids about fitness is not a long shot option.  This is where fitness tracker for kids comes into play.

If we would ever have a healthier generation, it would be in our best interest to teach kids about fitness and healthy living as early as possible.

To motivate them into getting fit, fitness tracker is one of our best bet. Kids’ friendly fitness trackers would allow user to set a particular goal and tie a reward to each completed goals.

With that; you can teach your kids about healthy living, and when they grow up, they won’t have to worry about not eating some kind of food because they want to stay healthy.

I believe avoiding food is not the right solution to staying healthy. Eat as much as you can; then exercise as much as you eat. That is my ideal tips for living healthy.

Using fitness tracker for kids can be beneficial in this regard. Simply because we’re not teaching them to worry about the food they eat, but rather we’re showing them how to stay fit and healthy by exercising and getting active.

Improve Child’s Health:

This is one of the numerous reasons why fitness tracker for kids is necessary for parents willing to raise healthy children.

With the data acquired from fitness trackers; you can keep an eye on your kid’s health, monitor how active they are, in school and at home, you can analyze this data to see what you need to adjust in your daily routine to make your kids healthier.

Take for instance a particular mom discovered that her daughter does not move a lot in school, she does not get involved in most activities; even during recess and lunch break. The data showed that she is socially withdrawn; and needs help.

Even though that wasn’t the main purpose of getting her the tracker to start with; the data obtained was used to infer something more beneficial.

The data obtain from fitness trackers can be used in various dimensions; such as meal planning, exercise or walking routine.

Some parents reported that setting fitness goals with their child increased communication and they now have additional things to talk about asides the regulars.


Caution About Using Fitness Tracker For Kids:

To say fitness tracker for kids is the messiah that we have been waiting for would be an over-hype, like every other thing; fitness tracker (especially when used for kids has its own flaw). I would like to address the issue right now…

A larger percentage of the flaws that comes with; has to do with the motive of the parent and why you decided to get the fitness tracker for your child in the first instance.

If you’re getting a fitness tracker for your kids because you think they’re obese and you’ve mentioned it to them several times; am sorry to break it to you that you are actually causing more harm than good.

According to this research; “Obesity stigma” as it is called does more harm than good.

If you call a child obese because you want them to work on their weight; then you have done a bad job in encouraging them to get fit; and an excellent job in making them more obese.

Another important caution is to understand that you can’t force them to adopt a life stlye. It’s their choice to make, your role as a parent is to educate them about the good life style, tell them about the bad and unhealthy lifestyle as well, make sure you lay emphasis on the consequences that comes with unhealthy lifestyle.

If you intend to buy a fitness tracker for your child, make it a joint decision, in most cases, children would want the same product like that of the parent (which might not be kid friendly).

Tell them why they can’t have something like yours, and then you should both make a decision on the one they want among the available options.

Make sure you are not spending too much on fitness tracker for kids; they have the reputation of misplacing things.

Fitness should be a family thing; I have read about kids wanting a fitness device because they see their parent using it and as a result, they want to have one as well.

They want to know how it works; they want to know they amount of step they’re taking and how many hours they spend sleeping.

All these features make it exciting; what is more exciting is when parent make it a family affairs.  According to this research; play and exercise promotes strong parent-child bonding.

I have a post written on the best fitness tracker for kids; you might want to check out the post in other to get informed about available fitness tracker for kids and the ones they are pocket friendly.

Quick Recap.

In conclusion, a quick recap is justifiable.

  • A lot of people are suffering from weight disorder in our country
  • Children are also not excluded from weight disorder
  • Fitness tracker has been shown to be an effective way of staying fit
  • A larger percentage of fitness tracker are not kid friendly due to COPPA.
  • Your reason for getting a fitness tracker for your child is very important
  • Except they have an above average BMI, you don’t have to worry about their calories.
  • Be cautious when using fitness tracker for kids

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