Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review

This is a review of garmin vivofit fitness band.

For me family healthy comes first then any other thing. It’s a decision between myself and Claudia (My wife), we decided to incorporate healthy living three year after we gave birth to our first daughter (she will be 15 next year January). This post reviews the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band from our daughter’s personal experience.

EDIT: Garmin Just launched the perfect activity tracker for kids aged 4-9 years old, it’s called Garmin Vivofit Jr.

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As a result of our decision; we have a somewhat fixed exercise routine; we use the gym during weekends; we run “ritually” in the early hours of the day and we hike when we have the luxury of time; mostly during the holidays. On Sundays; we walk in the early hours of the day; our walking route has been the same for almost five years now; and it’s beginning to feel too convenient for me.

The decision to live a healthy lifestyle did not just spring up over night; my dearest began to gain weight heavily; immediately after we gave birth to our first daughter; I know about post partum hormonal effect on ladies and all that; but the effect of hormonal changes coupled with her long maternity leave from work; resulted into her gaining several pounds above normal.

garmin vivofit fitness band

I love my wife! But I don’t want her being obese and all that; so we decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle; which includes what I discussed in the earlier part of this post. We really don’t dwell much on what we eat; as much as we were able to follow our weekly exercise routine; we ended up looking the way we want; and this took our relationship to the next level. It’s one of the greatest decision in our marriage.

Although this post has little to do about my wife and our journey to fitness; it has more to do wit our daughter; and how the use of wearable technology; Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band took our family fitness journey to it’s pinnacle. I would share our fitness story and at the same time; I would give a hands on review of Garmin Vivofit fitness band.

Our daughter grew up to this family exercise routine; and ultimately she tried to participate as much as she could; but she couldn’t keep up; because our routine was developed mainly for adult; and she does not have the physical strength to carry out such rigorous activities. So every once in a while; i’d take her for a walk (it’s more of a leisure walk than exercise), and that’s about it.

Few years down the lane; wearable technology became really popular; people were getting various types of activity trackers they could monitor their movement and measure all sort of stuffs; Claudia and myself agreed to get one for ourselves and see how it works, we ultimately got Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large and we really love it; eventually it became part of our work-out accessory.

Our daughter also wanted a fitness tracker but unfortunately we couldn’t get her one; mainly because of her age. Most wearable technologies are not designed for kids under the age of 13 years, so she couldn’t get a FitBit like ours. We explored several options; but none of them worth our money; we eventually gave up searching and we promised to get her one once she is one age (14 as the case may be).

As at the time of writing this; she is currently using Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Slate

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is a newer version of the popular Garmin Vivo 2 Activity Tracker

I would review the Garmin Vivofit band as she has been using it for a while now; and I also got one for myself as well; because it was a of good price when we bought her’s. No harm is taking a good deal; right?

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Just like any other wearable device; the garmin vivofit fitness band comes with basic features such as:

Count calories: The device is capable of counting the amount of calories burnt per day of per activity done. In conjunction with the app (on Desktop or Mobile) you can acquire various set of data as regards to the calories consumed and burnt.

We are really not interested in the calories counting function for our daughter. We don’t have to worry about how much calories she’s taking or not; mostly because she’s just a teenager and she’s not suffering from any weight issues; so the calories count is not really important. We are not interested in monitoring that.

But for adult or teenager trying to lose some weight; this might come really handy; in fact it’s one of the factors that should be considered when getting activity tracker.

Monitor your sleep: This is a very important feature for any fitness tracker you intend to get. We want to be able to monitor the hours of quality sleep our daughter is getting. It does not only allow us to keep an eye on is sleeping health; it also gives us the chance of changing our evening activities to something that is slightly exhausting which will result into more hours of relaxed sleep.

Achieve your goals: The device allows you to set a goal and work towards achieving the goal. I have a personal experience with this feature. When I began to use mine; I usually set a daily steps goals. This feature is great for motivating. It basically sets your goal; take for instance you intend to work lets say 500 steps per day; it sets your goal to 500 and counts down for every step till zero; it does this the other way round as well.

Steps: It allows you to monitor every step you take. It’s very accurate compared to other wrist trackers I have used. Take for instance; the FitBit does a poor job when pushing trolley or when you’re dragging your foot. The sensor (or whatever is called) on Garmin vivofit fitness band does a better job in this regards.

Heart Rate Monitor: This is not something we were interested in for our daughter. But it really comes in handy in data acquisition for future sake. The Garmin vivofit fitness band is designed such that you can use any other brand of HRM with the device. FitBit does not allow you to do that.

Something worthy of note is that; the Garmin vivofit fitness band comes in two varieties; one with HRM and another without HRM; I got the one with HRM for myself and the one without HRM for our daughter.


Another thing i’d like to mention about the device is it’s battery. Having use FitBit for years before getting Garmin vivofit fitness band; I can say it bodly that Garmin vivofit battery is the best as far as wrist fitness tracker is concerned. It last for a year; so basically; you don’t have to worry about charging; all you need to do is change the battery after a year usage.

It’s easy to wear without causing extra burden.

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Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band

Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band












            • Long Battery
            • Stylish
            • Great Synchronization
            • Small and Large Size
            • Easy to setup


            • No Backlight

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