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Garmin Vivofit jr Your Day To Day Activity Tracker for Kids

Garmin vivofit jr is a smart activity tracker made water resistant with state-of-the-art technologies to boost your kids’ zeal to put it on throughout the day. This post is a review and feature post of Garmin vivofit jr device. This activity tracker is meant to encourage your children to reach their daily 60 minutes recommended... Read More »

Best Balance Bike: The Ultimate Guide

Exercise is one of the methods of keeping kids healthy, I have covered a lot about the benefits of exercise for kids, and also I have written mostly about kids fitness technology. But today’s post would be something slightly different from what I have always written about. In today’s post, I would be writing on... Read More »

Best Roller Skates For Kids (Boys & Girls)

Every parent desires for their child to have all the fun that they can have when they are outside and one of the most popular ways kids love to have fun is by skating. Roller skating can be a fun activity, whether as a sport or just a hobby; and is a great way to... Read More »

Kids Pedometer: Guide to Buying the Best Pedometer in Market.

This post about kids pedometer will discuss all you should know about using pedometer for kids, the best pedometer for kids and other benefits that comes with getting fit using a fitness device. I started this blog few months ago with the main aim of promoting kids fitness, I must say that the response I... Read More »

VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch DX: A Review.

Thinking of getting your kids a cheap smartwatch? VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch might just be the perfect option…. Here on, we’re not just interested in kids fitness, we sometimes review products that most kids and teenagers consider cool… So here is one of those cool techy smartwatch we think your kids would love to have.... Read More »

Hereo Watch Review: Child GPS Watch.

There are lots and lots of GPS wrist watches for kids. So, I’m sure you want to know why hereo watch rocks. You want to know why you should buy hereo watch. Firstly, I don’t really feel the need to stress how challenging it is to look out for oneself, let alone another person. In... Read More »

Exercise For Kids: All You Should Know.

Exercise for kids is not something strange… Here is a nitty-gritty article about it… When we hear the word “Exercise”, we naturally just assume gym appointments, or weight lifting and spending hours away from the TV or from work, or any other form of stress-related activity, but it is not always so. In a more... Read More »

What is the best fitness tracker for kids?

This post will discuss the practical details of what makes up the best fitness tracker for kids and few recommendations as regards kids fitness trackers. A larger percentage of activity trackers in the mainstream market are designed specifically for adults and as such cannot be used by kids. However, considering the benefits of fitness trackers... Read More »

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review

This is a review of garmin vivofit fitness band. For me family healthy comes first then any other thing. It’s a decision between myself and Claudia (My wife), we decided to incorporate healthy living three year after we gave birth to our first daughter (she will be 15 next year January). This post reviews the Garmin Vivofit... Read More »