GPS Watch for kids: What You Should Know.

Here are the basic things you should know about GPS watch for kids…..

Part of being a kid is playing outside and exploring, so it’s impossible to keep an eye on your children at all times.

With this in mind, GPS tracking for kids has become increasingly popular. The GPS watch for kids is the latest GPS tracking device aimed at providing parents with peace of mind.

When it comes to kids, even the nannies need help.

In recent years, the era of technological advancement as well as technological complications have made life more fun and safe to live, with a lot of devices to guarantee what we require.

With the advent of the integrated circuits and nanotechnology, different needs have been met using one single multipurpose device. How cool is that?

One of the major examples that see to our interests of kids’ safety is the GPS watch for Kids. It’s the combination of a GPS tracking device and a regular watch, two in one, with no added weight, or complexity, or compromise of portability and fashion sense.

In case you’re wondering, the GPS device is a Global Positioning System device. It is majorly used to ascertain the time and location information of a particular thing – In this case our kids.

This technology was invented a couple of years ago and has survived battle conditions as well as other very harsh conditions.

If it worked so well in these conditions, I don’t see why we should question its authenticity in house hold and domestic applications, that are almost harm free. This is proof of its reliability.

The GPS watch for kids, works as a fancy wrist watch as well as a tracker so that we can you can know where your kid(s) is at any time of the day.

Parents or Guardians can download the app designed for the watch on their mobile phones, Personal computers or other compatible electronic devices.

Users of the app can home in on their loved ones in real-time, receive check-in/out notifications, enable proximity breach alerts, and activate smart safe-zones, view location history, track school attendance, and much more!

Most importantly, app to app synchronization for enabling a seamless family-wide communication is supported on most models of this amazing effective parenting device.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some reasons why you should get a GPS watch for your kids

gps watch for kids

Reasons Why You Should Get GPS watch for Kids

#1. Family Location:

Most phones have apps and inbuilt systems to provide time and location information for whoever has access and is looking.

This way, you can monitor their movements and know where they are if you are getting worried that they are missing or something is wrong.

Apart from this. You can also check current or historic locations of family members and Broadcast a check-in to other family members when you have arrived at your destination in cases of weddings overseas or dinner reservations at restaurants.

But for kids that are way younger and incapable of using a mobile phone or any other form of sophisticated devices, the GPS watch for kids provides a solution you cannot afford to ignore.

They don’t have to operate it or send any command, you just have to track them using the corresponding GPS tracking device that you have in your possession.

This way, even when the kids are with the nanny, you can be assured that they are safe and in your house, where they should be.

#2. Panic Alert and Safe Zones:

GPS watch for kids can provide a customizable kind of security. As a parent or guardian, it’s not fair that you have to spend all waking hours of your time staring at your GPS tracker, just to be sure about your kid’s whereabouts.

One particularly useful piece of functionality is the ability for parents to draw a “virtual fence” around specific areas, such as gardens or a school, using the map in the GPS watch for kids. A notification will then be sent if the child moves outside one of the predetermined areas

You can set a particular area, say your house, as your kid’s safe zone, and if he or she moves pass this region, you get an alert on your tracking device.

In some other cases, you can train your kid to kit a particular button if he or she is feeling uncomfortable or scared.

It automatically sends an immediate alert and exact location to all family members when a panic alert is triggered from the GPS Watch for kids.

That’s a way more advanced and reliable version of GPS watch for kids.

 #3. Directions:

Sometimes, it is just not enough to know where your kid is. It is also best to have the quickest directions to that particular location. In dangerous situations, timing might be the only thing between your kid and his or her rescue.

Also, you can receive and send the quickest directions of your kid from and to your family members.

 #4. Communication:

As soon as your child is old enough to read simple commands, the GPS watch for kids can help send messages to your kids with a single click.

Simple messages like, “come home now”, or “I’m picking you up from school today” can be sent to your kids, without having to call their teachers or involve any third party in your private life.

This builds trust between you and your kin as well as esteem, which is an important ingredient of growth to any kid.

Some GPS watch for kids also allow for verbal communications in form of voice messaging.


#5. OS Compatible:

In case you are wondering if you also have to get yourself an adult correspondent of the GPS watch for kids, save yourself the hassle.

Most GPS watch for kids are OS compatible, and hence all you have to do is download the app to your phone and you gain a more express access to your kid.

The best part of that is that you don’t need an extra baggage or accessory because of that.


Things to consider when purchasing a GPS Watch For Kids:

#1. Precision:

One of the major things to consider when purchasing any measuring instrument is its level of accuracy. With your kids, you don’t want an idea of where they might be. You want to know their precise location. Hence, make sure that your purchase is worth its salt with regards to that.

#2. Durability:

Kids will always be kids. They like to play around, and in most cases, injure themselves in the process.

No matter how much intense the fun is that they’ve had, as a parent, you want to be sure that this tracking device stays on them as works effectively as well.

Hence, issues like water resistance, Ductility and Quality of the model you’re purchasing should not be handled lightly.

#3. Cost:

Make sure that your preference is cost effective and affordable, with considerations to the subscriptions and maintenance.

#4. SOS Button:

Your kids don’t need to go missing before any harm comes to them. You can train them to recognize and use the SOS button which your purchase should have, when they feel uncomfortable.

No matter how small they are, kids have the ability to sense when they are in danger. Take that to your advantage by purchasing GPS watch for kids that have the panic button for maximum effectiveness.

#5. Safe-Zoning:

Purchase GPS watch for kids that can be used to map out a desired area as safe zone for your kids, to keep tabs on them when you are at work, or far away on personal business.

You could have a safe zone for school, home as well as a neighbor’s house, as much as you want.

#6. Device Compatibility:

Having an effective device isn’t enough. Being able to keep tabs on them from your mobile phones and other electronic devices you mostly have on you is the way forward.

You shouldn’t have to be in possession of your personal computer always in order to keep track of your kids.

Purchasing GPS watch for kids whose app works on you mobile phone OS as well as other electronic devices you have is the effective choice.
#7. Long Lasting Battery:

You cannot afford to always take the device off your kids for charging all the time. It makes it harder for them to get used to it. Besides, sometimes, they might be way out of reach and in a very long time.

An effective power system on the device is very essential.

#8. Removal Alert:

Kids always love to share. You need to be sure that your kid always has his device on at all times, so you can be rest assured.

If he or she chooses to give a mate to try it on, or if it is forcefully removed from his grasp, you need to know about it. Purchase GPS watch for kids that have this as one of its key features.

#9. Voice & Text:

As discussed earlier, it would be nice to have a channel of communication open to you kids, just in case you have a short and rather important piece of information to pass across to them.

Customizable versions of simple commands like “Come home now” or “Hang tight, I’m picking you up from school today” are quite easy enough for little kids, and can be just what they need to know to keep them out of harm’s way.

Also, you can bond with your kids over this communication platform and have nice little chats about your day with them.

#10. Speed Alert:

If your kids fancies too much of speed trips, you might want to warn him or her through this device by sending a text or a panic signal to them.

This is an additional feature that doesn’t seem as important, but might come in handy for kids.

#11. Multiple Sizes and colors:

Your purchase must be tailored alongside your kid’s size and taste, so it doesn’t look unattractive on him or her. No one likes a crude looking device. It makes it look like a tool, and you don’t want that!


One of the few models of GPS watch for kids that feature most of the above are the V-tech and HereO models. Their makers seem to understand what parenting is about!


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