Hereo Watch Review: Child GPS Watch.

There are lots and lots of GPS wrist watches for kids. So, I’m sure you want to know why hereo watch rocks. You want to know why you should buy hereo watch.

Firstly, I don’t really feel the need to stress how challenging it is to look out for oneself, let alone another person. In this case, your kid. A younger and less experienced version of you.  Every time your child steps out of the house, or away from your direct supervision, I’m sure you feel less trusting towards what’s out there, and you prefer playing watch guard at every single point in time. Well, guess what? HereO watch does too!

With the help of this gadget, just like every other like products, you can monitor your child’s movements and be rest assured that things are in order and your child is safe.

The hereO GPS watch is the world’s smallest real-8ime cellular-connected GPS tracking device. Designed, developed, and geared to kids age 3 and up, parents can now enjoy true peace of mind with regards to their children’s safety. With real-time pin-point tracking, breadcrumb trail logging, and smart location alerts, parents can track their children’s whereabouts directly from the hereO Family smartphone companion app. — Company’s Website.

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#1. Appeal:

It’s a tracking device, in vague terms, a “leash”. Now, you would always want your child to have this device on no matter what, and do so without making him or her feel like he or she is being watched or controlled from a distance. Nobody likes that, not even small kids.

Apart from the fact that it is still a wrist watch, some kids actually find it educating and fascinating when they have the means to answer a question. In this case, being possible because they have it on, this device, is very appealing to kids.

It is light in weight, making it less of a burden, stylish and colorful, and your kid can pick any color or style that picks his or her fancy during purchase. This makes it quite easy to have it on them at all times, and thereby assuring you that only unpleasant situations could make him or her take it off his or her wrists.

#2. Durability:

This particular point here is valid thanks to a number of reasons. Its water proof, hence cannot be damaged even if your kid goes swimming with it. This is quite good because, apart from this, there virtually isn’t any reason to take it off his or her wrists.

Even as adults, we only take off our jewelries to avoid damage from water or when we about to sleep to avoid avulsion or whatever damage that isn’t valid with this product.Another constituent of its durability is its battery life. It can be on for up to 60 hours. That’s about five days. It uses the regular lithium battery with no special effect, but this is possible thanks to the Electronic paper display that it has.

In most electronic devices, the major cause of power loss is the display. In this case, this particular display doesn’t consume that much energy. It’s a major improvement on the power-consumption-reduction-project going on all over the globe as we speak.

#3. Communication:

As a parent or a guardian, with time, you would discover that it is not just enough to know where your kid is. Being able to communicate with them is a very important part of looking out for them. For little kids that do not have the mastery of a mobile phone, you should still be able to talk to them over long distances to see how well they really are doing.

Even for kids who don’t yet have their speech and sentences right, they can sense danger or whenever they need help. The hereO watch for kids has a wonderful feature that does justice to that.  You can train your kids to use the panic button whenever they feel the need to and not unnecessarily.

HereO sends an immediate alert and exact location to all family members when a panic alert is triggered from the hereO GPS Watch or hereO Family App.
 For older kids, the device has a messenger that allows them to communicate with you whenever they feel the need to, in one single click.

Each hereO watch comes equipped with a built-in SIM card supporting connectivity in over 120 countries. No need to change the SIM card whenever your little ones travel with the hereO watch, no contracts to sign, and service can be deactivated and re-activated at any time of your choosing.

#4. Location:

Apart from telling the time, the major feature of the hereO watch is to have your kids on your radar, literally. HereO has made an improvement on that. You can map out safe specific locations for your kids to play or stay, safe zones if you will.

Whenever they go beyond these bounds, it send you an alert and then you can go on looking for them or messaging them as the case may be.The app also gives you a quicker route to their location from your location for any of the means of transport you might be willing to consider.

Inside the hereO watch is a state of the art GPS chip with built-in geo-fencing capabilities. Combined with advanced WIFI triangulation algorithms, the device’s cutting-edge technology allows for highly accurate location information, both outdoors and indoors, all the while maintaining extended battery life.

With a built in USB connector, your hereO Watch can be easily charged on the go as well as receive the latest firmware upgrades from the convenience of your home where indoor mapping is available.

#5. Cost:

This is one of the few things people consider when a product is introduced to them. You do not have to worry about this because, it’s as cost effective as it is cheap.

The price of the product itself varies with the carrier, and has been known to be really affordable when purchased on Indiegogo, you’ll at least get the first six months free, but it’s still $5 a month thereafter. (If you purchase it at retail once it comes out, you’ll pay $149 with presumably no free service.)

Should you buy in, the watch will work with a free app for either iOS or Android (Windows Phone and BlackBerry are coming soon, says the company).

With the above explained features, as long as your kids are equipped with the hereO watch, you can be sure that they are in good hands.


The major difference between the hereo gps watches is the color. Click the links below to check them out on amazon.

HereO 13FBLEMON Child GPS Watch Lemon US


HereO 13FBSTRAW Child GPS Watch Strawberry US


HereO 13FBBLU Child GPS Watch Blueberry US

HereO Watch

HereO Watch










          • Kids Friendly
          • Communication
          • Cheap
          • Durable
          • Great Connectivity


          • Poor Charger

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