5 Ways To Improve Kids Health in 2017

If your child had a clean bill of health this year, congratulations, but thinking about ways to improve their physical and mental health is not a bad idea as the New Year approaches.

It’s no news that once President Trump becomes the President fully, he has promised to revise the Obama Healthcare package, to some, this is good news, while to others, it isn’t.

How about thinking of ways to live a healthier life and stay away from the doctors as much as possible…

Unlike adults’ body system, kids systems are designed in such a way that if properly managed, it’s capable of protecting itself from minor ailment. Except in special cases where serious medical attention is needed, if you keep an eye on your child’s health, you can keep them away from the doctors as they enjoy optimal health.

So I this post, I would explore five (5) basic things you can do in 2017 to improve your child’s health. They’re things we’ve taken for granted over the years, and not doing them has been impacting our health negatively. So watch out for them in 2017, follow the rules religiously and see how our lifestyle affects out health status tremendously.

Although the article is targeted towards kids, adult can also adopt the ideas shared in the post.

improve kids health
improve kids health

This is arguably the most important piece of advice as far as being healthy is concerned. I get it, it might be very hard to eat properly in this current age, because we have lots of unhealthy food readily available to us at a very cheap price.

I am not asking you to turn your child into a vegetarian (This is not what eating well entails anyway), but try as much as possible to keep an eye on what they eat this coming year.

Make sure they eat the appropriate food at the appropriate time of the day. Breakfast is very crucial for kids. Don’t let them skip breakfast.

Home cooked food are generally considered more healthier than fast food. Creating a family meal plan would go a long way in ensuring that your kids are getting a good share of the recommended daily nutrition allowance.

For kids that love to eat, let them eat as much as they can. They need it for proper growth. Don’t get worked up about them eating too much; except it’s becoming extremely abnormal, then you can seek medical advice.

For kids that are not much of a eater, encourage them to eat more, if possible let them eat small bit at intervals, that way they get enough nutrient in their body to keep the cells functioning optimally.

Remember, their lunch box isn’t completed until you have at least two varieties of fruit in it. Fruit is important for kids. Bananas, Apple, Orange, the idea is almost endless.

This is like a side note, but it is worthy of mention; when the young ones comes back from school, ask them about their day in general, with particular interest on the lunch hour, how it went. It’s been reported on several occasion that some kids don’t get to take their lunch due to some older bully intimidating them. If their story doesn’t add up, kindly look into it.


I still don’t know why we don’t have siesta culture in America like they do in Europe and Africa. Afternoon nap is super awesome, but it is off the table in most schools in America.

But for the night rest, get your kids to treat their sleeping time religiously. This include going to bed as early as possible. Remember that kids below the age of 13, needs to get at least 10 hours of sleep at night.

Good sleeping habit is very important in keeping the body in good shape. Growing basically happens when we sleep. The brain secretes several hormones that influence the body growth and mental health, all these happens while sleeping.

One of the best way to ensure kids get quality sleeping time is by preparing dinner very early, getting them to do their homework as early as possible, and restricting access to television and computer once it’s past 7pm (More on this later)


I wrote a post detailing the importance of exercise for kids. Exercise is good for both the physical and mental health. Exercising your muscles increases they mass and equally tone it, giving you a super awesome body shape.

While kids should not be bothered about body shape and all at this stage of their life, there is absolutely nothing wrong in imbibing the habit of exercise in them, so they won’t find it difficult to get on to it much later in life.

Exercises also improve kid’s mental health greatly. Kids who exercise moderately have been shown to have a good working memory as compared to those who doesn’t.

A research was conducted on schools where kids perform excellently in mathematics competitions, it was discovered that their kids perform not less than fifteen minutes of exercise before attending math classes in the morning.

Researchers found a correlation between the exercise and their grasp of the concept of subject being taught after the exercise.

Get your child to exercise moderately in 2017. It shouldn’t be too extreme for their age though.


 For a clean mind, you’ve got to meditate. For a focused mind, you’ve got to meditate. In 2017, teach your kids how to get started with meditation and yoga in general. Imagine how good they would be five years from now.

Meditation works, there is no doubt about that. Show kids how to meditate and do yoga, and see them form a healthy habit out of it.


Most adults are guilty of it. The more TV you watch, the more passive you get. Because you’re literally glued to your TV or computer screen. Moving is restricted, and sleeping habit is usually interrupted.

In 2017, try as much as possible to reduce the time kids spend in watching tv and surfing the internet. Get them to take part in other outdoor activities. This would not only help their social interaction skills but also improve their physical and mental health.

In conclusion, this list is not in any way the ultimate guide to keeping a clean health bill, but following this five (5) quick tips religiously in 2017 would give your kids a great start on their journey to living a healthy live.


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