Kids Fitness Program: 8 Wonderful Programs Reviewed.

This article is about the top kids fitness program within the country. It’s a very short list, and I intent to expand it as time goes by.

Kids cannot afford to be unhealthy, hence it’s our jobs as parents or guardians to make sure that they are at all times. One of the ways to ensure that, apart from healthy feeding, is by exercising.

The term “exercise” doesn’t really sound fun and inviting, however, lots of individuals who have solid experience with kids have come up with remarkable ways to make our kids as healthy as they can be.

Top Kids Fitness Programs (US and Canada)

Lifetime Kids

Lifetime kids have all the angles covered. They have provided a means for kids to be a part of a healthy society, and I mean that literally! With a long list of healthy games and classes for kids less than the age of 11, and other sports programs including swimming, tennis and martial arts for the older lot of them.

This might seem like the regular fitness program subscription. But do you know what’s not? Joining efforts with parents to help with their kids throughout the year, giving them the opportunity to be cool parents and live their lives as individuals as well, without having their kids growth affect theirs. You can even have nights out without having to drive them to ask for help babysitting from neighbors or family members with their Parent’s night out plan.

Instead of having to hire different tutors for different activities for your kids and keep track of both tutor and student at the same time, Lifetime Kids take the difficulty away from that.

Their services include comprehensive sports classes (including swimming) helping them build their athletic skills, Child center for kids to play and engage in lots of fun exercises while you work out, and Kids academy, available at different locations nationwide where kids can exclusively engage in enriching classes that cut across Life skills, fitness and agility, Arts and culture and Mind and body.

You don’t have to apologize for not having time to take your kids camping in the summer, as Lifetime kids offer fun camps throughout the year. They also provide apersonalized celebration for your kids birthdays at desired locations.


Kids fitness Miami

Kids fitness Palace are not just interested in having kids work out at their gyms, they intend to promote a passion for physical and mental exercises in their own capacity. With the understanding that the first few years of a child life and education shapes their entire life, they are willing to impart the necessary knowledge and training into kids for the betterment of their future.

The palace is owned by an accomplished soccer player, a natural bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast who have two kids, so you can be rest assured that they know exactly what healthy living means, and most importantly, how to provide that through their kid’s fitness palace.

They have had experience with their kids, and so found the importance for kids gyms as a solution to bigger problems whose symptoms at an early stage frustrate parents and in turn affect the kids.

The Kids fitness palace provide services which includePersonal training featuring direct engagement with the kids, as opposed to being educated on a competitive level in their respective schools. This makes them more confident in their distinct abilities as they work on them towards perfection.

Concerned kids are also engaged in weight loss classes. Research has shown that excess weight might be a symptom of laziness and a major blow on the kids esteem among friends as most kids don’t respond well to puns and name calling.

The best part is that  Kids fitness palace has partnership schemes with schools which involve home schooling as well as bringing their programs to both private and public schools if they are granted permission.



The KickNFitkids fitness program is one that guarantees a major positive effect on your kid(s). Featuring Lots of activities that build confidence and inspire a passion for athletic and nonathletic goals and dreams, the Kickfit kids program might just be the best for your kids.

So far, reviews have shown that the program has been a complete success ad they have formed a habit of delivering with a guarantee. One of their amazing offers includesthe weight loss program which guarantees a total weight loss of at least 10 pounds In less than 10 weeks for each kid participant.

Unlike in the case of adults where it’s stressful and time demanding, Kickfit kids have made this possible along with other fitness needs with the use of Kickboxing, plus yoga, action movie style moves – which most kids look forward to, karate and lot of other fun lots.

Apart from this, Kicknfit kids have also taken the liberty to monitor kids feeding habits to ensure that the kids stay healthy, and the guaranteed results are provided. This might sound like a lot, really personal and getting uncomfortable, but they require your permission and would run any changes by you or any available guardians to be on the right side of the law.

The best part about this is its flexibility. Wit the series of programs that offer, the kicknfit kids kill a lot of birds with one stone. The kids gain experience in different sports, they are trained to be fit for these activities, and they also learn how to handle and thrive over pressure, from bullies or from whatever life throws at them.

Unlike most programs, they don’t take too much time off the kids’ schedule as they operate for three hours thrice a week for as long as it takes to achieve the goals you’ve set for your kid(s).

The KicknFit kids program is available for all schools with about a hundred licensed operation locations across the United States.

Studio Adonnics Kids Fitness Class


The aim of the program is to compensate for the lack of physical activities offered in schools. The activities are perfectly tailored for kids in forms of interactive games that would not only challenge children’s physical ability but also engage their brain in thinking.

There are programs for kids aged 9 to 11 and another category for teenagers aged 12 to 15.

They have a wide range kits that would definitely encourage your kids to exercise. Check their link above to check out various activities included in this program


If you haven’t noticed, training and fitness programs are always different when they are owned or organized by professional athletes – retired or not. They seem to have a hang of the fitness routine. Not just how to, but how it works and the effect in real time situations.

The archive fitness kids program is owned by former NFL player Marcell Allmond, who now has a certification in fitness training and kids development. The combination of the experience and training for the certification has resulted in a massive development in different kids with testimonies all over his website page.

Now, the parts worth reviewing about different kids programs are the differences and unique characteristics and methods they use in their kids’ fitness and development scheme.

In this program, the idea of personalized services is the most relevant. Imagine having a personal fitness and child development tutor for your kid, the turnout has been quite impressive. The tutors have a closeup relationship with the kids helping them strengthen both mind and body, building confidence and self-discipline through physical activities including sports, and other fun related activities required to give desired results.

They also offer pre-school, after school fitness programs, summer camp programs, Home school PE programs, Spring breaks and other programs which can be tailored to suit your kids.


The LasvegasYMCA offer more than just kids fitness and well-being. If you’re not just admitting your kids into fitness programs and other activities to get rid of them and create time for yourself, this is the place for you. The LasVegasYMCA are committed to offering more than just kit fitness and development, they are also interested in family development too.

They offer fitness classes including yoga and circuit training among others, with kids of all classes taught by different assigned instructors who are pros in those fields.

Various activities including group exercise classes and sports programs for kids from the ages of 5 and above. These exercises include youth sports programs like football, basketball, tennis, martial arts lessons, gymnastics and dance classes which both kid and parent can benefit from and bond.

One of the amazing features of this program includes free member activities and classes which are one of the many benefits of the YMCA, sponsored by Y annual campaign, grant funding and support from generous individuals and cooperations who help make the Y accessible to the entire community regardless of their financial income.

This is not entirely a charity, but they do all they can to help. A lot more can be learned about their financial aid feature from them on their website or by direct inquiry.



Firepowerkids program was created with a motive to build individual and community fitness through a series of wide range fun and challenging programs which kids would definitely love, and gain from undoubtedly. The good news is that they live up to this motive, and have had really impressive results so far since inception.

They offer several distinct training classes which are beneficial to the personal tastes and physical abilities of each member of their program.

The Firepowerkids program organizers are so sure of their results that they have trial classes as well as flexible membership classes because they know that once you’ve had a taste of their effect, resistance isn’t even an option.

There are skilled and qualified, professional coaches as well as certified circus coaches and assistants that ensure that the Firepowerkids program stays at the top of the line. Their top-notch, user-friendly equipment are age appropriate and safe for kids as they are a part of a world-class adult facility and have their reputation to protect.

The coaches tailor the program to meet the needs and abilities of each child to ensure impressive results.


Radiant Child Yoga 

ShaktaKhalsa – the founder of Radiant Child Yoga, is a renowned Yoga instructor as well as acertified fitness trainer, having found her calling as a student of YOGI Bhajan back in the 1960s, and thereafter playing a more important role in the fitness scene.

By now, you need no more conviction that she’s good at what she does having been at it for many decades.

Radiant Child Yoga Program is, however, more interested in training more adults to be certified in this art as she couldn’t possibly impact the whole of America directly and would love to pass down this amazing child development routine that has had flawless testimonies over the years.

The trainees acquire skills that enable them to teach children ranging from toddlers to teens and enrich their mental and physical health through movement, relaxation and mindful relaxation.

Her organization accomplishes this by the use of effective techniques that have been tuned to fit children of different ages.

Therapists working with children in sensory integration, as well as adults planning to be babysitters, nannies, and school teachers,  could really benefit from this program.

There are different series of training to choose from all priced between $600 and $800 with special discounts as they come.

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