Kids Pedometer: Guide to Buying the Best Pedometer in Market.

This post about kids pedometer will discuss all you should know about using pedometer for kids, the best pedometer for kids and other benefits that comes with getting fit using a fitness device.

I started this blog few months ago with the main aim of promoting kids fitness, I must say that the response I have gotten from readers is quite overwhelming, and it has motivated me to keep writing about kids fitness as I recommend various fitness technology for kids along the way.

I wrote a data driven post about how a larger percentage of the American population is suffering from weight issues (read here), the post is quite revealing, and it was written as a call to action to parents to focus on monitoring their kids health as soon as possible.

Although, it’s easy to stay fit as an adult, because you understand why you’re taking the early morning run every day, you know why you go hiking or swimming, you know the benefits of all these fitness activities for your physical and mental health.

However, in case of kids, it is a different task entirely to motivate them to get up and move, to exercise their body to the best of their ability. Most kids would rather sit indoor all day; either watching their favorite TV show, surfing the internet or chatting with their friends. How then do we get them into this fitness of a thing? This is where kids pedometer comes in, most of the pedometer mentioned in this article function in such a way that they would motivate your kids to take the recommended 12,000 daily steps in other to prevent obesity.

Having written quite a number of post on various fitness trackers that are kids friendly, this post would review kids pedometers which are less expensive, less sophisticated and accurate in their functionality.

Before I get on with the complete buying guide for kids pedometer, let us look at the list of popular pedometers that are considered kids friendly in the market.

Each of the pedometer listed above has a basic function of counting steps, some of them have special features like calories counter and reward system incorporated to motivate users into taking more steps. This is not to say they all have the same quality of function. Each has it advantage over the others, and as a result of this, I would pick each of the listed pedometers one after the other, offer gainful insight on their functionality, the merit and demerit. At the end of the individual analysis, I would give an honest opinion on the one I considered the best kids pedometer.


kids pedometer

If you live in the United States, you would know that there is a law that forbids internet or any form of online business to acquire data from children younger than 13years of age. This law has placed several limit on popular brands like FitBit, Garmin etc, it has restricted them from creating a kids friendly activity tracker, mostly because they transmit acquired data over the internet.

For STRIIV Pedometer, there is no age restriction issue simple because data are not transmitted over the internet. The data acquire does not go beyond your control. This makes the device usable by anybody that could afford it, both young or old.

Features of Striiv Pedometer:

  • Step Count
  • Active Minute Count
  • Distance Estimate:
  • Calorie Count:
  • Game Challenge


  • Awesome Display: Of all the pedometer mentioned in this article, striiv pedometer has the best display. The video display is close to perfection and this makes it much more fun to use for both adult and kids.
  • Walkathon Charity: This feature is not unique to striiv pedometer, as a matter of fact it’s one of the main concept of the UNICEF KidPower Tracker. For every walking activity or goal completed, you get credit, and the credit amounts to some value in charity donation by the company. What this means is that, the more you walk, the more you give.
  • Awesome Accuracy: Striiv uses 3D Accelerometer mechanism, which means no matter where you place the device; either your wrist or in your pocket, it would always get an accurate data of your steps. This is very rare in most pedometers.
  • Computer Synchronization is NOT a must. You can choose to synchronize your data to your computer, and you can as well choose not to. It should be noted however that the walkathon charity credit would not function without sending data to the manufacturer. Asides that, you don’t need to synchronize with the PC. Another benefit of synchronization is the auto-update of your device software.
  • Fast Charge (1 hours for full charging): Charges very fast. There are no better ways of saying it.
  • Lasting Battery (Approximately 14days):
  • Double Charging option (Electrical outlet or USB port): You can charge the device using the USB cable that comes with, and as well connect it to the electrical outlet using the adapter charger.


  • Screen Light: The screen of the device would automatically go dark after three or two seconds of inactivity. This reason for this auto-hibernation is to conserver battery usage.
  • Size: As good as the pedometer is, I consider it a little bit too big for modern day technology. I personally would not wear it on my wrist, but if you use a waist band, then it is a good location, other than that, it would equally do well in your pocket.
  • Data Reset: You can’t reset the data for a particular event. Let’s say, you want to count steps from your house to the mall, you can’t do that. It logs your data for the day. The way around this is to probably set up a challenge for the event.

Geopalz Pedometer (Ibitz Kids Activity Tracker)

There are many good fitness trackers in the market, most of the fitness trackers do a good job when it comes to collecting accurate data and other basic features you would expect from a fitness tracking, device. Fitbit, Garmin, Apple are doing well as far as the adult market is concerned.

But these brands are simply not kid friendly. They’re products are not specifically designed for kids, so even though there is a way around their usage (You can read my article on using FitBit for kids), it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re not really designed for kids.

Geopalz pedometer on the other hand is designed with kids in mind. Starting from the color and design varieties (7 kids friendly colors), to the gift system.

Features Of Ibitz Kids Activity Tracker

  • Activity Tracking
  • Goal Setting
  • Reward System
  • 30days Activity Storage


  • Awesome Color: This might not mean much to older kids, but for younger kids, color is something they find very interesting. Ibitz comes in seven (7) different colors that are considered kids friendly.
  • Data Storage: It has 30 days of data storage. Which means you don’t have to worry about synchronizing the data every day, you can choose to synchronize the data during weekend or every now and then, as long as the 30days storage period doesn’t pass by without synchronizing.
  • Compatibility: The tracker is compatible with the Iphone Series from 4S to iOS 7.
  • Reward System: There is rewarding systems that can be used in motivate kids to move more.


  • Hard to setup.
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Poor Amazon review
  • Poor battery life


KidFit Xdoria Activity/Sleep Tracker

This is another device created specifically for kids, the features listed on the manufacturer’s site looks very appealing, however most buyers experience is not so great. But before we decide if it worth the money or not, lets check the main features.

Features of KidFit Xdoria

  • Activity Tracking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Goal Settings


  • Kids Friendly
  • Daily Activity Target
  • Real World Goals and Reward System
  • Sleep Goals
  • All size fits all


  • Poor Customer Service
  • Poor Synchronization
  • No display on device
  • A little bit huge for kids

This product isn’t doing well as far as customer review is concerned. And when a lot of people are complaining about a certain product, it’s an indication that the product isn’t the best. We don’t encourage the purchase of this product.


best pedometer for kids

This device is mainly for younger kids, it’s targeted towards childreb age 4 to 7 years, but you can also stretch it’s usage towards kids below 10years of age. It’s created in such a way that it would motivate your child to get involved in various physical activities.

Leapband has three major mode; the move mode, the playing mode and the quiet mode. When the quiet mode is activated, it works like a wristwatch and nothing else, however, the playing mode has various games that can motivate kids to be more active. The moving mode set the leapband to function like a pedometer that would count steps taken during this period.

I believe this device is ideal for younger kids and it’s a pedometer that worth the money.


  • Gaming Mode
  • Step Counting
  • Watch Function


  • Three Fucntioning Modes
  • Fashionable (Comes in various colors)
  • Motivational Games
  • Compatible With iOS and Android
  • Kids Friendly
  • Great App for Parents to set up Challenges
  • About 10 Pre-loaded games and Many more to be unlocked.


  • No Volume Adjustment
  • A little bit bulky for the wrist

Juboury I5 Plus

This pedometer is designed for older kids that cannot user Fitbit. I have read some reviews about its usage by adult as well, and a larger percentage of the reviews are positive ones.

It basically functions as a pedometer, and also notify you when you’re becoming inactive for a longer period of time.  Check out the features of the juboury pedometer below:


  • Active Mode
  • Step Counts
  • Calories Burnt
  • Sleep Tracking


  • Alarm clock
  • Accurate tracking
  • Fast Charging
  • Good  Automatic synchronization
  • Sleep report
  • Step report
  • App Notifications


  • Doesn’t count stairs climbed
  • Doesn’t count Bike steps
  • Poor accuracy on threadmill
  • 1 Week Battery Life.

If you’re looking for a device for teenage kids, on the low price end, then this is your best pedometer in the market. I strongly recommend this product.


Kids Pedometer: Worthy Mention



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